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8 Powerful Poetry Books for Children

poetry books for kids

Poetry books are a powerful way to introduce children to the world of reading!

Poetry can initiate kids’ love for books and reinforce important themes about the world. Books of poetry can also help young children develop their creativity and spark an interest in new things. 

Plus, it can be easier for children (and adults!) to follow along with poetry, as they are shorter than books and incorporate rhyme schemes. Your child may even find that poetry is quite similar to their favorite songs


8 poetry books to read with children

1. On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillmann

“On the night you were born,

the moon smiled with such wonder

that the stars peeked in to see you

and the night wind whispered.

“Life will never be the same.”

This book teaches children that each individual is unique and important. 


2. Rainy Day Poems by James McDonald

“Hold on to your hats,

And get ready to go.

Because the rain’s just begun,

And it’s time for the show.”


McDonald’s book of poems takes children on a wild and crazy adventure. It’s a great book of poetry for bedtime stories. 


3. 101 Poems for Children by Carol Ann Duffy

This book of poetry includes the author’s favorite poems for children. 

The book includes many themes about childhood growing up! 


4. Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl

“I guess you think you know this story.

You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.

The phoney one, the one you know,

Was cooked up years and years ago…”


Dahl is famous for his magical and mysterious tales. His book of poetry includes poems that are part fantasy and part wild adventure! 


5. To Catch an Elephant by Vanessa Westgate

“If you want to catch an elephant, first you must find out where elephants live . . .”


 Spark laughter and learning with a book of elephants and adventures.


6. Poems Aloud by Joseph Coelho

Coelho’s motto is that poems are meant to be read OUT LOUD! 

This clever book of poems is a great way to perform and enjoy the power of poetry with kiddos. 


7. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Elliot

“Cats! Some are sane, some are mad and some are good and some are bad.”


T.S. Elliot’s book of poetry is great for animal lovers and unleashing kids’ creativity! 


8. This Is A Poem That Heals Fish by Jean-Pierre Siméon 

Siméon’s book insights magic and wonder. It tells the story of a young boy and his fish. It’s a great book for any age! 


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What are your favorite poems to read with your child?

Let us know by commenting below! 

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