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Live Video as Educational Technology

Today is well known that children love watching videos on different channels, both for entertainment and online learning, and their thirst for media continues to grow. Contrary to what you may have thought, children, are especially drawn to non-fiction videos to gain “inspiration, competence, and confidence.” Children’s attraction to non-fiction fosters unlimited potential for Education Technology.

It’s believed that kids consume and connect more with video than educational technology because it’s an easier way to relate emotionally and culturally to what they see, since education is also a transfer of culture than merely a transfer of information, thus, it’s easier to pick up information from people that we relate to.

Children learn significantly more from live video than educational software because it captures their attention in a unique and personal way. They feel connected to the person who transmits the message! At Lingokids, children love live-action videos in the MyTeacher section of the app. The teachers convey emotion and explain the lessons in a playful way to keep the Lingokids students engaged. At the moment, the video is taking over the Internet and appears to be the best medium to communicate with kids.

Probably in the next couple of years, videos will gobble up educational technology as well, because children, like other people, love to watch real people doing real things. So, let’s get the cameras rolling!

Check out this list of videos aimed to help children learn English in an engaging way!

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