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When it comes to major milestones in a child’s development, there are no hard deadlines. Parents know that each individual child develops on their own timeline and that is perfectly normal. We all begin our literacy journeys in infancy when we listen to the language from those around us and later begin applying those sounds to images and symbols. Check out the five different stages of literacy development and explore a few of the 230+ literacy games that the Lingokids app has to offer! 


5 Stages of Literacy Development 

1. Emergent Literacy

  • Singing the ABCs
  • Repeating rhymes, phrases, and songs
  • Pretending to read books that others have read to them
  • Speaking about letters even through they may not recognize or match them correctly
  • Scribbling or pretending to write
  • Answering questions like, “Where’s the cow?” or “What sounds does the cat make?” 


2. Alphabetic Fluency

  • Recognizing and pronouncing written words
  • Noticing the relationships between letters and sounds
  • Sometimes reversing letters when writing them
  • Using pictures to identify unknown words
  • Responding to questions like “Where letter is A?” 


3. Words and Patterns

  • Reading silently and comprehending
  • Reading without assistance
  • Showing comprehension of a story through drawing
  • Correctly spelling many words


4. Intermediate Reading

  • Reading to acquire ideas and gain knowledge
  • Reading at a faster pace
  • Self-correcting when making mistakes
  • Writing notes to others


5. Advanced Reading

  • Children can comprehend larger texts such as books
  • Reading to expand interests
  • Understanding humor and larger themes in texts


Benefits of Literacy Games with Lingokids 

Part of raising amazing kids means fostering a love of reading. With the Lingokids app, kids have access to over 230 reading and literacy games! This means that kids can play and learn anytime and anywhere on a phone or tablet. Lingokids makes learning how to read engaging and fun, which in turn fuels curiosity and reading confidence! 

The Lingokids app reinforces a child’s literacy journey with additional practice of reading, writing, and comprehension. Kids can engage with creative and captivating stories that delight them, encouraging kids to keep reading, practicing, and learning more!


Activities that Support Reading Comprehension 

Sing Together


Read Together


Draw Together


More on Literacy and Lingokids 

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