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Is Your Child an Introvert?

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January 2 is World Introvert Day! There’s a good reason why World Introvert Day comes at the end of a busy holiday season. After being around so many people, introverts need a little “me time” to recharge their batteries. Our society is set up in a way that often benefits extroverts, but there are many ways to support a child who is an introvert. 

World Introvert Day is a great occasion to celebrate and learn more about children who are introverted.


Introverts and Extroverts

Truthfully, most people aren’t one or the other when it comes to being introverted vs. extroverted. In fact, most people fall somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum—and neither is better or worse than the other! 

In general, extroverts tend to:

  • feel happier and more energized after being around people;
  • be comfortable meeting new people in different situations;
  • get bored easily when they spend time alone.


On the other hand, introverts often:

  • like to play or spend time alone;
  • think things over carefully before acting;
  • feel drained and need downtime after socializing.


Simply put, extroverts tend to get their energy from being with other people, while introverts tend to build energy from having alone time


Myths about Introverts

There is a lot of misinformation about what it means to be an introvert. Many people assume that introverts are always quiet and don’t like being around people, but that’s simply not the case! 

Being introverted doesn’t mean being shy or socially awkward. Kids who tend to be quieter aren’t always uninterested or upset; they may just be observing. In addition, enjoying time alone doesn’t mean being antisocial or selfish. It’s an excellent skill to be able to play alone and self-reflect! 


Celebrate Your Introvert

Being introverted is pretty awesome; the world needs introverts!

  • Introverts think before they act and see things in new ways. They’re innovators!
  • Introverts value friendship over small talk. They’re natural listeners!
  • Introverts are thoughtful and considerate. They make the world a better place!


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Signs That Your Child Is an Introvert

Every introvert is unique, but if your child…

  • enjoys spending time alone
  • prefers to play with only a few close friends
  • has a vivid, rich inner world


…you may be raising an introvert!


Help Your Child Thrive as an Introvert

If you’re raising an introverted child, one of the most important things you can do is accept and embrace who they are. 


Designated Quiet Spaces 📖

It’s helpful to ensure that children are comfortable in social settings. You might have a designated quiet space at family events or birthday parties, allowing your child the opportunity to take a break and recharge. 


Phrases for Needing Space 💬

It’s also helpful to make sure they feel heard and respected in their need for alone time. You can teach your child phrases to say when they want some space.

A simple phrase like, “I want some alone time now. Can we play later?” can be a beneficial tool for introverted children. 


Like-Minded Friends 💕

Perhaps there is another introvert in the family who might enjoy an hour of quiet reading time with your child. 

Ask your child if there are other quiet children in their class who they might like to have a playdate with. Sometimes all it takes is a little facilitation from a parent or teacher to create strong friendship bonds between introverted children.

Check out this article for more support in helping your child make friends. 


Above all, your family can celebrate the uniqueness of introverts and all they have to offer. That’s what World Introvert Day is all about!


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