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How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week All Year!


May 2nd – 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022! 

It goes without saying that teachers work around the clock to make sure that younger generations have all the tools to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. We recognize that teaching is a challenging career, and that’s just one of the many reasons why educators deserve all the love and support from their communities. 

During Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers are celebrated with thank you cards, sweets, crafts, and gifts. It’s important to take the time to give thanks to these heroes who don’t wear capes, but we can also support educators throughout the entire year. As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child!


How Can Lingokids Assist Teachers’ Hard Work Year-Round? 

By encouraging Playlearning so children are not only prepared for their grade levels but also enjoy how fun learning can be! When little ones come to school with a positive view of education and 21st-century skills, there is more space for teachers to do what they do best… teach! 

Whether you’re an educator or a parent who wants to support student learning at home, we’ve got you covered. 


Lingokids Content That Makes Education Engaging And Entertaining! 

You can find a variety of content on our web section “English for kids” such as songs, games, worksheets, and audiobooks. To make things a bit easier, here is a selection of great Playlearningcontent: 

🧑‍🏫 Educational Videos for Kids

Support lessons that students are learning about with videos on the same topic! Children respond well to multimodal activities that focus on different types of intelligence. Some kids learn better with visual images, while others prefer learning through music or movement. Encourage all ways of learning with these educational videos! 

Click here for even more content:

  • 📚 Topic of the Week  – Visual educational content on many different themes.
  • 🎒 English Lessons for Kids – Join teacher Mere for engaging lessons about all things English!
  • 📝 Grammar for Kids – Learn English grammar such as pronouns, tenses, and more.
  • 🕓  Telling Time – What time is it? It’s English time! Learn about telling time.
  • 🪐  Outer Space – To infinity and beyond! Blast off to another universe to learn more. 
  • 🟧  Shapes – Learn more about the shapes that are all around us! 
  • 👁️  Human Body – Head, shoulders, knees, and toes! Practice vocabulary about parts of the body. 


🎵 Music for Kids

This is for the little ones who learn best by dancing and moving around the room! There’s a song for every topic to make the subject a little more groovy. Put on a song to compliment a lesson or play a compilation as a treat to let kids unwind and have fun while keeping things educational. 

Click here for even more content:


📺 Curiosity Cartoons

Not your average Saturday morning cartoons! These episodes inspire children’s curiosity about all the amazing things in this world. Learn about subjects like changing seasons, taste buds, and how we use manure to grow healthy plants! 

Click here for even more content:

  • 🐶  Pets – Learn responsibility with the Lingokids characters and how to take care of our furry friends.
  • 🌙  The Moon – Find out if the moon is really made out of cheese and other fun facts!
  • 💩  Manure – Teach kids how manure helps us grow gardens. Who knew poop could be so interesting!
  • 🚰  Water – Put on your lab coats and about how water works with the Lingokids characters. 


🕹️ Interactive Learning Games

Engage with games that support critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These games include math problems, literacy activities, life skills, and more. Learn alongside the beloved Lingokids characters!

Click here for even more content:

  • 🛁  Bathroom Routines Game – Practice healthy habits by helping the Lingokids characters go through their nightly routine. 
  • 🎂  Cake Maker Game – Put your aprons on and prepare to make a delicious treat! 
  • 📖  Word Game for Kids – Practice literacy skills by making words and learning new vocabulary. 
  • 💤  Lucky Sky Walker Game – Use logic skills to help get Elliot safely back to his bed.


These are just a few of the many resources we have that encourage Playlearning™ and support educators!

Available on our YouTube Channels with additional content on the Lingokids App!  

How do you plan to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with your little learner? Let us know on Social Media

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

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