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Kids and Technology: The Role of Technology in Early Learning

What’s the relationship between kids and technology nowadays? Technology has expanded the limits of what is possible—and that includes your child’s learning. Thanks to technological advances, children can now enjoy a wider variety of learning experiences at a younger age.


Why Early Learning Is Important

Kids and technology

First and foremost, early learning gives motivated, curious toddlers a chance to understand the world around them. While most children don’t begin formal education until the age of five, their brain development is already well underway.

According to UNICEF, children who benefit from early learning are more likely to develop the skills they need to succeed and contribute to society and the economy in positive ways. What’s more, a separate study showed that children who took part in early learning were more likely to graduate from both high school and college.


Technology vs. Traditional Learning Methods: Which Is Better For Kids?

It can be tempting to think about education in black and white terms: are kids and technology a good match, or are traditional methods better? Should I choose physical games or apps? But really, there’s no reason both can’t be effective learning tools to boost your child’s early development.

Although the use of technology for kids can be debated, the truth is that little ones start using technology from a very early age nowadays. What we can do is to encourage our children to use technology in a safe, responsible environment. The list of educational apps available for children is nearly endless, and they offer a variety of benefits which we’ll outline below.

Lingokids is the perfect way to bring together kids and technology—an innovative tool that offers features you just can’t get with traditional toys.

For example, our busy, hectic lives can make it challenging to keep our children engaged while carrying out other tasks. The interactive puzzles, songs, games, and audiobooks available in Lingokids will keep your child learning and entertained while you take care of business. And when you’re ready to spend some quality family time, our Play Together activities are the perfect option for playing along together!


Technology’s Impact on Child Growth and Development: Technology and Education

Beyond allowing parents a little more free time, technology itself provides many added benefits for young children. A personalized, interactive learning environment can increase engagement and aid in their education, allowing your child to embark on an independent adventure of creative exploration within a meaningful context, discovering new information as they play.

One of the most noticeable benefits of early learning is that it prepares children for school. At Lingokids, we developed the Playlearning™ method—the most effective way to get your child ready for this new adventure using fun games and allowing you to track their progress!

Here are some additional perks technology can offer when it some to early learning and education.

6 Benefits of Technology in Education

  1. It’s fun and engaging: The more kids play, the more they learn! Toddlers and younger children learn more easily when they’re having fun. Games, songs, stories, and crafts are just some of the engaging activities they can learn from.
  2. It improves communication skills: Paying attention to the tasks required to successfully complete an activity will boost your child’s listening and speaking skills. If you play together, you’ll also need to communicate with one another, which is great for family bonding. When learning a foreign language with an app like Lingokids, little ones will also learn a native accent right from the start.
  3. It improves knowledge retention: Interest in what they are studying improves the way children retain the information in their brains, and technology can really help with this.
  4. It encourages individual learning, as well as collaboration: Different needs can be better met through technology-based methods. Each child can progress and learn at their own speed, with the ability to review topics or skills they might be struggling with. Additionally, it can encourage them to be more collaborative when learning with peers or family.
  5. It teaches 21st-Century skills: Lingokids is an amazing tool for this! Kids and technology are the perfect match for learning more about the 4 C’s of early education: Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, and Communication.
  6. It can be accessed everywhere: Technology is mobile and accessible—no schedules required. Your children can learn from any part of the world, at any time!


Are your children learning through technology? How do you use it at home? Let us know in the comments!

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