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Closed Schools? Lingokids Is Here To Help!


At Lingokids we’ve been putting our brain together to think of the best ways to cope with the school closure. We came up with our Lingokids weekly plan, printable activities to make at home and a few more tips to add!

Read on for more ways to play together while at home.


1. Get Your Free Lingokids Weekly Plan!

educational activities for homeschoolers

Our Lingoteam aims to be an educational resource for children as well as a safe platform that parents can trust. That’s why, with you in mind, we have designed this weekly plan which includes offline and online activities you can do with your children when homeschooled.

Have breakfast together, cook, watch movies, dance, sing… spend quality time all while having fun!

Get the weekly plan here and share it with your kids so they know they can continue to learn and have fun even if they have to stay at home.



2. Find Creative Things To Do When Homeschooled

Survival kit for homeschoolers


We know that finding things to do when kids are homeschooling can be a bit intimidating! However, this is an excellent opportunity to try out learning in different ways.

Being creative helps develop your child’s sense of curiosity and imagination and, also, certain tasks can advance fine motor skills. Painting and crafts are both excellent but for something easier to complete why not take a look at our coloring pages where they can enjoy plenty of designs and also the chance to practice their colors in English!

We have gotten all these free printables together for this special occasion! Get your copy here!



3. Talk To Your Kids And Be Close

Survival kit for homeschoolers


It is also important to talk to your children about how they are finding their experiences of not being in school! Why not take some time to practice using adjectives for emotions with our homeschooling worksheets, or practice the verb “to be” with.

Use the worksheets as a springboard for a conversation about how they are finding the school closure. For more inspiration, head to the Lingokids in-app Parents Community for our Tiny Talk or any of our social media channels and find fun conversation starters!


4. Keep Your Kids Active!

We recommend a dance party at home (we do it all the time at Lingokids). Why not whack on our Lingokids YouTube playlists and dance around the house to all your favorite songs?


Popular Songs for Kids



Daily Routine Songs for Kids



Educational Videos for Children


And, yes, we know you want to listen to the ABC Chant one more time! We do, too!


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