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Improve Your Children’s Artistic Capabilities With These Drawings

Who doesn’t like drawings for children? Drawing can entertain immensely both children and adults, which makes it a great family activity.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you can draw, the important thing withdrawing, is the process of imagining something and transferring that into a drawing. The result isn’t so important, the main objective is to enjoy yourself!

Also, as with making music or doing science experiments, drawing for children is another hobby that isn’t only fun and something to do as a family, but it is also another educational activity that helps children to develop mentally, stimulates creativity, and builds their artistic talents.

Drawings For Children, The Best Way To Improve Their Creativity And Priginality

There are numerous studies that show direct correlations between artistic activities in general, and the development of our personality, sensibility, empathy… and a long list of traits that become useful as we get older.

The main reason that drawing is so important for children, is that they begin to express themselves, with originality, using a platform to bring out their inner thoughts. Small children learn to communicate their emotions and feelings (both positive and negative) at an age where they may struggle with the use of words.

The aim of introducing to the world of art and drawing to your children is not to make them into great artists, although that would be great of course, that will not be very common.

What we are looking for with art and drawings for children, is simply space and a tool for them to communicate, for them to develop and for them to grow both physically and mentally. All of this at the same time as having fun, a good combination wouldn’t you say?!

Here is just a small list of the things that we hope to achieve with drawings for children:

  • Lots of fun and enjoyment.
  • Creativity
  • Improvements in concentration
  • Improvement of self-esteem and a reduction of stress
  • Discovery of the world of art
  • Originality and identity
  • Improvements in family time and time with friends or classmates


The Best Drawings For Children, Show Them How To Draw With These Great Ideas

There are many different styles of drawing suitable for children. This is because of their scribbles and styles of the drawing will evolve and improve independently, depending on each individual. All children (and adults) can doodle almost anything, but getting them to draw more elaborately and precisely can be rewarding, but a challenging process.

It is worth remembering that it is not the best idea to force children into art if they have expressed a disliking to it, but having said that, what children do not like to draw.

Take advantage of any interest they show and start them off with any of these examples:


  • Simple and basic shapes

Particularly with young children, show them how to draw basic shapes like triangles, circles, squares, etc.. it is a great way to begin. Not only will they get an introduction into geometrical shapes, but they will also learn the basics for more complex drawings. A cat, for example, can be made from a circle and three triangles.


  • Animals

Together with what we learned from basic shapes, starting to draw animals is also a good way to start. Children are fascinated by animals, all children have their favorites. Which one is your child’s favorite? They will love to be able to draw one! On the internet, you will be able to find various templates, with step by step tutorials for many different animals and for different levels of ability. It’s a good idea to find a video tutorial on Youtube to begin drawing your favorite animals together with your children. Afternoons will fly by without you even noticing.


  • Fictional characters

Another good idea is to try learning how to draw your children’s favorite characters from their favorite cartoon. You can mix together characters from different cartoons, using different styles all at the same time. Whatever your imagination comes up with!


  • Photographs

Drawings don’t necessarily have to be life-like but you can use photographs to give your children inspiration, like a family photo, a place you have all visited, etc… From a photograph, they will learn how to extract and copy the main guidelines from an image, and from there, to add the details. This is a very good exercise for more advanced artists.


  • Christmas Art

When Christmas time approaches, it is a good idea to get your children to draw their favorite Christmas characters. You may even be able to encourage them to take part in competitions for Christmas cards, locally or at school.


There are many different options, all of which are created to find out which ones attract your children the most and take advantage of their interest. Together you will discover the numerous benefits associated with drawing and at the very least, you will enjoy spending time together!


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