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Watch These Videos With Your Children

These days, children’s videos on the internet are a bigger hit than any program on the television. It is now inevitable for parents, no longer do we decide on whether to use the internet or not for our children’s entertainment or education, as the decision now is when, and in what way.

In the past, children turned on the TV and they tried to find a show that they liked, or, they knew what time their favorite program was on and on which channel.


Children’s Videos – The Internet Is The New Television

These days, all of the content that they like, and many more similar alternatives, are available 24h a day on the internet. Particularly in the case of Youtube, the current market leader by excellence. This is partly due to the fact that video content is a much bigger success than any other type.

You could think of Youtube as a platform that has anything but children’s videos, but no, you would be wrong. When Youtube reached 10 years of service, they published a list of the most-watched videos and, surprise! The majority were videos made for children.

Definitively speaking, children’s videos are here to stay, and as almost all children now know how to use a phone or tablet, reaching this content is as easy as it‘s ever been.

It could be argued that currently, children, in general, have become a bit “addicted”. However, this can also be positive because a moderate use of the internet can offer many benefits.


Benefits of watching videos with kids

  • Stimulation of the imagination, creativity, and knowledge of the world.
  • Development in the use and control of technologies.
  • Improvements in results at school. Not all of the videos are cartoons, there are also numerous Youtube channels dedicated to school subjects.
  • Provide assistance to children with learning difficulties or disabilities.


This is not about whether you should be for or against your children viewing videos on the internet, but about accepting that these are the times we are living in and to try and control the time that our children are in front of a screen. It is also a good idea to try and combine basic entertainment, with academic content or with culture in general.

On the internet, there are all different types of videos. The amount of content is almost literally, infinite. This means that it can be hard to find videos that adapt to both you and your children’s tastes and needs.

When you begin to imagine educational videos for children, don’t think about boring content that is impossible for your children to enjoy, that is a thing of the past! There are numerous educational videos, about culture in general and more specific topics (history, mathematics, literature, geography), in a modern format that really do grab your attention.


The Best YouTube Channels For Children, Both Educationally And For Entertainment

More important than specific videos for children, it is a good idea that you are aware of the best channels on Youtube, that is updated regularly with new content that has been adapted for children.

Youtube channels are a bit like television channels, with the main difference being that their content is available permanently. They may be run by companies or by other users. A lot of people run Youtube channels as a hobby, for no personal gain, whilst others will try and earn money via advertising.

These are the best Youtube channels for you to subscribe to if you want to have the best selection of videos for your children:


Lingokids, English for Kids

A channel that offers carefully selected English learning videos for children. From fun songs to learn vocabulary, to mini-classes with Meredith, your English teacher. Because the best way to learn English is by having fun!


The Artful Parent

This channel is centered around art for children, both drawing, and painting. If you are looking for a channel to regularly find new ideas of things to draw with your children, this is your channel.


Dave and Eva

One of the best Youtube channels. Here your children will not only learn how to read but also many different types of songs, nursery rhymes, karaoke… the lot!



This channel specializes in videos to dance and sing along to. Using bright colors and fun animations, these are very easy to follow videos that your children will love.


Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs

Another channel more suited to younger children, full of bright animations to the sounds of all the well-known nursery rhymes and children’s songs.



There are many options to choose from and as these are just a few, the best advice is to explore for yourself.

Another good way to start is to try the Youtube Kids app, this service has been specifically designed for children, in a safe environment.

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