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Lingokids Alexa skill

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With this skill, your child can dance, sing, and listen to funny stories. Ask Alexa for your favorite songs, videos, and podcasts from Lingokids to continue playing and learning offscreen! 

Your child can develop academic skills (learning to count, the alphabet) and social-emotional skills for everyday life (self-care, hygiene)⁠—all while having fun! 

The Lingokids skill works on all devices compatible with Alexa, such as cellphones, Echo (with or without a screen), and Fire TV. 

*The Lingokids skill for Alexa Kids is currently available in Spanish (Spain/Mexico/USA), Italian, and French. It can be accessed from any country when configured in one of these languages. 

Alexa Kids,
A Safe Space

Alexa Kids is a secure environment for children within Alexa. The skills within Alexa Kids offer selected kids content that allows children to explore in a safe space. In addition, parents can create profiles for their children and set daily time limits, routines, schedules, and much more. 

Skills are similar to “Alexa Apps” and can be downloaded on Amazon. 

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How can I use Lingokids with Alexa?

If you have already activated the Lingokids skill for Alexa Kids, just give the command to Alexa. Currently, Alexa recognizes commands in Spanish, Italian, and French.

For example, say: “Alexa, abre Lingokids.”


How can I manage the audio functions on Alexa Kids?

Your family can relax before bedtime with one of our stories. Simply say: “Quiero un cuento,” or “quiero dormir” and Alexa will play one bedtime story. 


How can I manage the audio functions on Alexa Kids?

Once the song, story, or podcast has started you can ask Alexa to:

  • Pause: “Alexa, para”.
  • Resume: “Alexa, continúa”.
  • Skip: “Alexa, siguiente”.
  • Go back: “Alexa, anterior”.
  • Turn Up/Down Volume: “Alexa, sube el volumen,” “Alexa, baja el volumen”.
  • Repeat: “Alexa, repite”
  • Help: “Ayuda” (This command only works with the Alexa skill in use.)


*Commands may vary depending on the device and language setting.


How do I ask Alexa to play a song or podcast from Lingokids?

When using the Lingokids skill, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite songs and episodes.

You can say:  Quiero bailar/aprender/cantar” or “Quiero un cuento,” and Alexa will play a personalized playlist. 


Can I play Lingokids games with Alexa Kids?

All of our interactive games are available for Playlearning™ in the Lingokids app. Download the Lingokids app now to access our fun and educational games for kids

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