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Let us accompany you and your little one through the transition from Summer Break to Back-to-School with the Lingokids App this academic year.

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Blast Off This Academic Year
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When learning is fun, kids love to learn! And that’s why we, at Lingokids, welcome all kids to join the adventure of Playlearning. Here is everything in a nutshell that Lingokids has to offer for this school year:

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Playlearning™ with the Lingokids games, activities, and songs is a fun and educational adventure that your kids can start today and enjoy throughout the whole school year.

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Back to School Tips!

Parents, neither your kids nor you are alone! We know how important this transition to school after the summer break is. That’s why we have some nice tips for you to check out!

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There are many ways to prepare kids for back to school after the summer break. Here are our top 4:

  1. Create a routine that works for your family the week before school starts. This way, your kids can know what to expect in the upcoming weeks, build healthy morning routines, stay organized, and have a smooth transition when school starts. That’s why getting kids ready for going back to school a week ahead of time is more than convenient. 

  2. Validate your child’s feelings. The first day of school can be both great and stressful. The excitement of meeting friends again can mix with the anxiety of leaving summer behind. Talk to them and understand how they feel about going back to school. 

  3. Show yourself grace and compassion. Plans don’t always work out as we intend. Don’t be afraid to take things as they come and be always by your kid’s side.

  4. Try the Lingokids app as a learning tool. With Lingokids, your kids will learn STEM, engineering, literacy, creativity, and more 21st-century skills in English while playing!

Educational apps are great supplements to traditional learning. They reinforce skills that kids learn in school and even introduce new ideas that may not be covered in a classroom setting. Educational apps also encourage children to practice 21st-century skills and social-emotional learning.

We want to help make your child’s transition back to school as easy as possible. According to our recent study, 84% of parents are concerned about transitioning their child back to school this fall. And that’s why we want to be there, every step of the way to help your little learner continue their educational journey – with the help of the Lingokids characters, of course!