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10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Activities for the Whole Family!

actividades de Halloween para infantiles

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for some family fun! At Lingokids, we believe in making learning enjoyable for kids, and what better way to do that than with some spooky and silly Halloween activities? 

Get ready to make some memories and have a howling good time with these 10 kid-friendly Halloween activities that your little monsters will love!


10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Activities

1. Pumpkin Decorating Party 

Grab a few pumpkins, paints, and some imagination, and host a pumpkin decorating party at home. Let your kids’ creativity shine as they turn ordinary pumpkins into spooky or silly masterpieces. 

Whether it’s a friendly ghost or a goofy goblin, it’s all about the joy in the creation process!

pumpking decorating


2. Scavenger Hunt with a Spooky Twist 

Create a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt around your house or yard. Use Halloween-themed clues and riddles to lead your little explorers on a thrilling adventure to discover hidden treasures. 

It’s like a real-life mystery that’ll keep them engaged and excited!

halloween scavenger hunt


3. Costume Fashion Show 

Encourage your kids to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and put on a fashion show right in your living room. This is their time to shine! They can strut their stuff and show off their creative outfits while you clap and cheer. 

Don’t forget to join in the fun by wearing your Halloween best, too!

halloween costume fashion show


4. Spooky Storytime 

Dim the lights, grab flashlights or candles, and huddle together for a spooky storytime. Read age-appropriate Halloween-themed books, or even better, create your own stories with a mix of ghoulish and hilarious characters. 

Your kids will love the suspense and laughter!

spooky story for kids


5. Witches’ Brew and Potion Making 

Create a little mad scientist’s lab right in your kitchen. Let your kids mix up some “witches’ brew” with colorful drinks and concoctions. 

It’s a tasty way to experiment with flavors and make magical potions fit for a Halloween feast!

halloween potions for kids



6. Halloween Movie Marathon 

Choose a lineup of family-friendly Halloween movies and have a spooky movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up under blankets, and enjoy classics like “Casper” or “Monsters, Inc.” 

Don’t forget the hot cocoa with marshmallows!

movie marathon


7. Crafty Creations 

Craft time is always a hit with kids. Get creative with Halloween-themed crafts. Make paper plate masks, yarn spiders, or even handprint ghosts. 

The possibilities are endless, and it’s a fantastic way to decorate your home for the holiday.

halloween crafts


8. Bobbing for Apples 

Set up the classic Halloween game of bobbing for apples. Fill a tub with water, throw in some apples, and let your little ones try to grab them with their teeth, hands-free! 

It’s a hilarious and messy activity that kids love.

bobbing for apples


9. DIY Trick-or-Treat Bags 

Get ready for the big night with a fun DIY project. Have your kids decorate their own trick-or-treat bags using markers, stickers, or even fabric paint. 

They’ll feel extra special collecting candy in a bag they designed themselves.

trick or treat bags


10. Spook-a-licious Snacks 

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some spine-tingling, mouthwatering treats! Get your aprons on and gather the family in the kitchen for a creative and delicious cooking session. 

These Halloween-themed snacks are not only tasty but also tons of fun to make together:

  • Witch Hat Cookies: Start with some classic chocolate-covered cookies. Place a Hershey’s Kiss on top, securing it with a dollop of orange or black frosting as the “hat.” 
  • Mummy Hot Dogs: Wrap hot dog sausages with thin strips of crescent roll dough to create “mummy” wrappings. Leave a small space for mustard or ketchup eyes. Pop them in the oven, and you’ll have some adorable and yummy mummies in no time!
  • Monster Fruit Cups: Transform ordinary fruit cups into spooky monsters. Let your kids draw monster faces on clear plastic cups with permanent markers, and then fill them with green jelly or fruit. Add gummy worms and googly eyes for a frighteningly healthy treat.
  • Pretzel Broomsticks: Take small pretzel sticks and attach a cheese cube or a mini breadstick at one end using a chive or a green onion as the “broom” handle. It’s a quick and easy snack that looks just like a witch’s broomstick.
  • Spiderweb Pizza: Create a spooky pizza by drizzling pizza sauce in a spiderweb pattern over a cheese-covered pizza. Use black olive slices for spiders. Kids can help by arranging the olives to make the spiders look extra creepy.
  • Monster Mouths: Cut apples into slices and spread peanut butter or cream cheese on one side of each slice. Place mini-marshmallows along the edge of one apple slice and then top with another slice. The marshmallows will look like sharp monster teeth!

halloween snacks


Remember, Halloween is all about enjoying quality time as a family and making lasting memories. These activities are not only tons of fun but also an opportunity for learning, creativity, and imagination. 

So, gear up, get into the Halloween spirit, and let the spooktacular adventures begin! Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃👻🦇


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