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3 Ideas to Celebrate Heroes’ Day!

heroes day

Superheroes have been around for ages. From fancy capes to high-tech cars, superheroes get a lot of attention. But, what does it actually take to be a real-life hero? When kids look around their community, at their parents, siblings, neighbors or teachers, they can see that heroes come in many different shapes and sizes. October 8th is Heroes’ Day! This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the true meaning of what a hero is. 


The Importance of Role Models

Children are more likely to engage in positive behaviors when they have somebody to admire and emulate. Studies show that children form healthy habits and perspectives with a hero to look up to.

For adolescents, heroes are role models who encourage them to pursue their dreams. As kids grow up, real-life heroes can listen to their stories and thoughts, offering insight and support without judgment.


3 Activities for National Heroes’ Day

1. Draw a Local Hero 🖼️

Break out some paper and coloring utensils! Take a minute to discuss the characteristics of a hero. It’s important to remember that there are everyday heroes all around us: teachers, doctors, sanitary workers, parents, etc. Have your child choose a hero that they would like to draw. Older learners can also write applicable words around their drawings, such as brave, intelligent, kind, helpful, etc.


2. Write a letter 💌

One of the best ways for kiddos to celebrate National Heroes’ Day is by writing a letter. Not only does this require proper handwriting, but it also reinforces the practice of showing gratitude. Brainstorm with kids about the kind of heroes who could benefit from receiving a letter, such as veterans, grandparents, and firefighters. After writing the letter, you can help your child mail it to their hero! This will make their efforts even more meaningful–plus, their hero will appreciate the sentiment.


3. Volunteer 💫

You’re never too young to volunteer for the right cause! If your kids want to become local heroes, your family can volunteer for a local charity. There are many ways for kids to get involved in their communities, from organized walks for an important cause to beach clean-ups to donating old toys. In the process, they’ll ultimately learn what it means to be an active citizen and superhero!


Heroes’ Day and Lingokids 💙

This song teaches kids about helping others and different jobs that give back to the town in a positive way.

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