3 Tree Crafts that Teach Kids to Appreciate Nature

tree crafts for kids

It’s almost National Tree Week! This annual celebration encourages people to plant trees and enjoy the beauty of nature. One of the best ways to help kids learn is by sparking their imagination with creative activities. For this environmental holiday, you can teach your child amazing facts about trees while getting messy and having fun. These tree crafts for kids will encourage them to get out and explore while letting their inner artists shine! 


Engaging Tree Crafts for Kids of Different Ages

1. Handprint Tree for Kids Aged 3 and Under 🤚🏽

tree crafts for kids


Young children learn through play, especially messy play! This fun activity lets kids get their hands dirty while creating tree masterpieces. 

Materials Needed:

  • Pencil
  • Poster Paper
  • Paints, crayons, markers, or colored pencils



  1. On a sheet of paper, trace your child’s arm and hand to create the tree trunk and branches. 
  2. Let your child paint or color in the trunk and branches.
  3. Add some roots by drawing squiggly lines from the bottom of the tree trunk! 
  4. Use Q-tips or fingers to paint colorful leaves around the branches. Depending on the season, you can add green and pink leaves for spring; green leaves for summer; brown yellow and orange leaves for fall; and white paint to cover the branches in snow for winter. 


2. Toilet-Paper Roll Fruit Tree for Kids Aged 4–6 🧻

toilet paper tree craft

Let kids’ imaginations run wild with this fun activity made from recycled materials! 

Materials Needed:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper (recycled paper is best!)
  • Paint
  • A handful of cereal 



  1. Collect toilet paper rolls to make the tree trunks.
  2. Paint the toilet rolls brown. Or go wild and add funny faces to the tree trunk rolls. 
  3. Make a slit through the top of the roll to slide paper into the radius (two slits on either side). 
  4. Cut out fun shapes to create pine trees or circular fruit trees! Slide the tree cut-out into the trunk.
  5. Have your child draw on some branches and maybe leaves too. 
  6. Create the “fruit” by gluing on colored cereal, or just finger-paint or draw them on!


3. Leaf Mobile for Kids Aged 7+ 🍃

leaf craft for kids

This is a really creative option for slightly older kids! It also gets everyone outdoors exploring, as you’ll need some twigs and real leaves. 

Materials Needed:

  • Twigs and leaves from outside
  • Colorful thread
  • Twine (fishing line or any kind of thin string)



  1. Go outside with your child to collect leaves and twigs.
  2. Wrap the twig in different colored threads to make it stand out. 
  3. Help your child poke tiny holes at the base of each leaf. Then, thread the leaves through the twine until you have about 6 leaves on the strand. Repeat this process 4 times so that you have 4 strands of leaves. 
  4. Tie each strand to your twig and hang it in a window or on the wall as decoration! 


As you and your child create these crafts together, ask them to point out the different parts of the tree: roots, trunk, branch, and leaf. 

You can even talk about these fun facts about trees as you work together:

  • Trees give off oxygen that we use to breathe.
  • Trees provide food and protection to many different birds and mammals.
  • Trees are the longest-living organisms on Earth… they never die of old age! 
  • Trees can help reduce stress.
  • Trees can communicate with each other to defend against insect attacks and sickness! 
  • There are about 73,000 different types of tree species in the world! 


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