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4 Springtime Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

springtime activities for kids

The beauty of springtime is its freshness—everything seems to start anew, and, depending on where you live, this means that lots of plants will be sprouting and the landscape will become much more colorful. Celebrate this new season by participating in springtime activities for kids

Learning about the spring season is a great way to introduce your child to biology. There are a couple of simple ways you can make the springtime magical and educational while getting the whole family involved. Check it out!


Spring Crafts and Activities for Kids

Start a Garden

Nothing’s more exciting than planting something and watching it grow day after day… especially in spring weather! Starting a garden with your child will show them how the plant life cycle works as well as teach them about responsibility. You can either buy your child some seeds or make things a little easier by buying seedlings that have already germinated. 

If you don’t have a lot of space, no fear! It’s easy to store your child’s garden with minimal space using inexpensive and easy-to-obtain items. You can use old egg cartons to plant your seeds (just fill the empty spaces with potting mix and voila!). Once the seedlings become big enough, you can transfer them to another container, such as a small terracotta pot. 

Your child will be delighted to see how their loving care can make a plant thrive!


Make a Bird Feeder

Become friends with your feathered neighbors with this springtime craft idea! 

Gather pine cones and attach a string to the top points. Spread peanut butter along each scale of the pine cone and then roll it in bird seeds (make sure to by this from a petstore to ensure that the seeds are safe for birds to eat). Then, hang the bird feeder in the garden or from your balcony window and enjoy watching the visitors stop by for a tasty tweet

This sensory activity is great for toddlers and preschoolers!


Keep a Plant Journal

If you don’t have the time or resources to start a little garden, or if you find that your child really loves exploring the outdoors, consider teaching them to keep a plant journal. In it, they can record the various plants they see and track how they change with the seasons.

Starting a plant journal is easy and really only requires a notebook and spending some time outside. If your child is a toddler and hasn’t yet learned to read or write, you can use the journal to paste “specimens” that you collect together, such as leaves or flowers. 

If your child can write, encourage them to record notes such as the name of the plant, its characteristics, or any other information that interests them, like animals that like to visit the plant. They can also make sketches of the plants themselves!


Interactive Spring Time Fun with the Lingokids App

If you want to go interactive, Lingokids has lots of activities and songs that fit perfectly for this time of the year. You can find a variety of content on our web section “English for kids” such as songs, games, worksheets, and audiobooks. To make things a bit easier, here is a selection of great Playlearningcontent: 







Springtime presents a great opportunity to get your kids outside and learn about nature, and watching plants grow can be a fun and exciting process for you to participate in together!


What are your family’s favorite activities to do outside during the spring? 

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