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4 Tips for Handwriting Practice with Kids

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Handwriting is an important skill to practice. Even in the digital age, kids will need to know how to write with a pen or pencil. As they grow up, they may need to write a thank you note to a friend or grandparent, or fill out a registration form at the DMV or bank.

That said, getting familiar with typing and writing on a tablet will come in handy, too! 

The ability to write will help your child express themselves and communicate with the world around them. In addition, learning how to write with a pencil (or on a device) helps develop kids’ fine motor skills.


How to improve handwriting for kids

Here are some ideas on how to make practicing handwriting fun:


1. Play games

Copying letters is tedious, you can keep things light by playing a game. 

Classic word games like hangman and anagrams are a great way to get your child thinking and practicing their handwriting with purpose. They’ll look forward to playing, so it won’t feel like work!


2. Take it slowly

Focus on one thing at a time: 

  • Holding a pencil correctly 
  • Improving the size of the letters
  • Spaces between words
  • Forming individual letters
  • Making sure the letters all sit on the line


Even if it’s just learning how to hold a pencil correctly, each step of the process is important for kids to master!  


3. Encourage erasers

Everyone makes mistakes! Letting your child know it’s okay to make mistakes will help them stay motivated to keep practicing. 

Try starting them off using a pencil with an eraser and tell them how well they’re doing if they get frustrated.


4. Think outside the box

Practicing handwriting doesn’t just mean using a pencil and paper. Writing on different surfaces can help kids perfect their letters even quicker. 

Try writing on a chalkboard, tracing over other letters with tracing paper, making letters out of play-dough, or even writing in the air with a “magic wand” (they can use their finger or make a popsicle stick wand). 

Creativity encourages children to want to write!


Handwriting worksheet for kids

Remember, practice makes perfect, and that takes time! 

Print out this free handwriting worksheet so your child can practice writing with their favorite Lingokids characters.

Lingokids Tracing Worksheet



  1. Click here to print the handwriting worksheet pdf.
  2. Help your child practice handwriting by tracing over the dotted lines with a pencil. 


Handwriting and Lingokids

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