6 Important Bonds between Kids and Grandparents

kid and grandparent bond


For millions of families, love is the greatest gift that one generation can give to another. It’s not just handy to have grandparents around to look after your little ones—the unconditional love they’ll give each other also offers valuable life lessons for both children and grandparents. Here are the top 6 reasons to strengthen the relationship between your kids and their grandparents if you have the ability to do so! 


1. Friendship ✨

Many grandparents suffer from loneliness in today’s digital world. Well, research suggests that children can help fix this. Studies show that grandparents who are close to their grandchildren have more brain function, protection against depression, and longer lifespans. And this works both ways, too; kids who spend time with their grandparents will always have another set of role models!


2. Well-being 💪

At the same time, studies show that both grandparents and kids receive the same benefit when together: increased happiness. No wonder kids often behave better when their grandparents are around! With children feeling more joyful around their elders, they also learn how to regulate emotions. Plus, they’re less likely to feel depressed as adults.


3. Acceptance 🫂

Strong connections with grandparents teach kids how to accept the elderly. This ultimately boils down to accepting the realities of aging instead of rejecting it. Grandparents can also accept children wherever they are in their learning process. This sort of acceptance allows grandparents to be “safety nets” for their grandchildren as they grow.


4. Patience 🧘🏽

Since most grandparents are retired and a bit older, they often live a slower lifestyle than the little ones’ busy parents. So they’re in a wonderful position to teach children the importance of taking breaks when they need to.


5. Wisdom 🦉

Older generations provide valuable advice from their own experiences that they can pass on to their grandchildren. Like a personal cheerleader, grandparents can support kids in overcoming challenges throughout life. And that wisdom will eventually help shape kids’ ethics! In return, children offer their own type of wisdom by sharing their unfiltered opinions of the world. 


6. Humor 🥸

It’s safe to say that both grandparents and grandchildren love each other for their humor. Both may be in different stages of life, but the age gap is where the comedy happens! When all’s said and done, nobody’s ever too young or old to be goofy. Also, there’s no better storyteller than grammy and grampy.


Grandparent Bonding and Lingokids 💙

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