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April Adventures: 10 In-App Playlearning™ Activities for Kids

activities for kids

At Lingokids, our passion is to help children learn academic subjects and modern life skills with content that is playful and fun! This month, check out the range of new activities for kids that engage children to keep on learning. From games that improve spelling and problem-solving skills to music that teaches new vocabulary, Lingokids has got it all covered. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the different activities created for kids in April!


Spark joy with colorful activities for kids

1. Letter Dig: Star  

Dig for the stars! In this interactive game, kids search for hidden letters to spell the letter star. Strengthen literacy skills and practice consonant blends!

spelling activities for kids


2. Reading Book: Elliot’s Day 

Adventure with Elliot! In this game, children can go through interactive storybook to work on their literacy skills, listening skills, and practice new vocabulary. 

reading activities for kids


Shake off worries with music


3. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” 

Don’t worry, be happy! Life with kiddos can be a bit crazy sometimes, but music can help kids (and parents) calm down and start again. This Lingokids rendition of a classic song reminds everyone to take a deep breath and enjoy the positivity!


4. “ABC Train Song” 

Hop on the Lingokids ABC train! This groovy (and original!) tune teaches children the ABCs and introduces new words for each letter. Discover the joy of Playlearning™ with music!


Boost curiosity with cartoons


5. Baby Bot Knows Robots 

In this episode of the Baby Bot series, our curious little robot learns amazing facts about robots. Join the adventure and discover incredible things about technology!


Play and learn with podcasts

6. Growin’ Up: How to Become an Architect: From Dreams to Reality

Love to draw and build things? In this episode, explore the exciting world of architecture. Our guest is a Lebanese architect and musician, Carl Gerges. Carl shares his journey of becoming an architect, from his childhood fascination with buildings to his education and career. 

In addition, learn how new technology changes how architects design buildings. Discover the skills and qualities that make a great architect, such as creativity, problem-solving, and the discipline required to see a project through!


7. Growin’ Up: How to Become a Dog Trainer

Want to teach a dog new tricks? In this episode of the Lingokids Growin’ Up podcast, we explore a dog training school to learn about different canine breeds and the fun of training animals. 

Our guest, Jerri Sheriff, is a dog trainer who leads the world’s largest virtual pet-training network! Join the Lingokids Growin’ Up podcast for kids, where our host Emily Calandrelli helps us learn what it takes to be a dog trainer.


8. Stories for Kids: Spring Holidays

Hello, spring (in the Northern Hemisphere)! In this episode, learn about different traditions worldwide and ways to celebrate holidays like Easter, Ramadan, and Passover. Join Lisa, Elliot, Cowy, and Billy as they head to the Spring Celebrations Fair with unique dishes to try and share. Curious to find out what they are bringing and why? Tune in and enjoy!


9. Stories for Kids: Count Me In

Learn how to set the table for guests without missing a thing! Cowy is throwing a party and she wants it to be just perfect, but setting up a table for six is not an easy task. Know why? Believe it or not, throwing a party can test your math skills, your patience, and your flexibility! 

Join to see how Cowy manages everyone’s dietary restrictions and puts her special party together.


10. Stories for Kids: Join the Book Club

In celebration of International Children’s Book Day, this special episode introduces listeners to an actual book author! Tune in to discover what it’s like to be a writer. 

Matt de la Peña started writing poems when he was 13 years old. Now, he is an award-winning author who has captured the hearts of many young adults! In this episode, Matt de la Peña shares his passion for writing, the joy of publishing a book, and the key skills needed to be a writer.


More about Lingokids

The Lingokids universe provides original, award-winning, interactive content for kids, transforming how kids can learn. Lingokids creates games, songs, podcasts, videos, and activities that blend educational subjects with modern life skills to spark curiosity, imagination, and success in school—and beyond!  

Interested in learning more about how Lingokids helps families raise amazing kids? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels!


What was your child’s favorite activity this month?

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