Efficacy Study Backs Lingokids’ Playlearning™ Methodology

efficacy study

A study conducted in Mexico confirmed that the Lingokids app is an effective method for learning English and is approved by both teachers and children. 

According to Education First’s English Proficiency Index, when it comes to language proficiency, Mexico is in second to last place in Latin America. For that reason, Mexican families consider English proficiency a key tool to achieve better opportunities in today’s world and of high relevance in their children’s early education.


Journalist Press Conference in Mexico

To boost kids’ interest in learning English, Lingokids gathered various media in Mexico to give an account of our Playlearning™ methodology—the philosophy that there is learning power in entertaining, interactive play. We also showcased our recent study conducted in Mexico, which aimed to evaluate the app’s impact on children’s English vocabulary acquisition and motivation to learn through our Playlearning™ method.


“Playlearning gives children the opportunity to learn while they play. 

When they are motivated, information retention is higher; our brain’s reward points light up, we feel successful, our curiosity grows, and we become lifelong learners. That’s why, for Lingokids, play is the best ally of learning,” 

– Fernando Valenzuela, member of the Lingokids Educational Board


Details of the efficacy study

The efficacy study was implemented over six weeks in Colegio del Bosque and Colegio Giocosa, with participating students ages 4 – 6. The study was developed in conjunction with Luis Medina Gual, professor and coordinator of the Inter-institutional Doctorate in Education at Universidad Iberoamericana. In one study, traditional learning techniques were executed, and in the other, the experimental Playlearning™ method of the learning app was implemented.

The results showed that the group who learned vocabulary through the use of the app was 36.6% more motivated than the group who received traditional classes. Children found the class with the app more fun and were, therefore, more motivated to learn! More than 83% of the students confirmed that studying with Lingokids was easy and fun and helped to learn new vocabulary.


“After carrying out the study, we have verified that Lingokids is as effective for teaching English as traditional methodologies. 

In addition, we have discovered that it is liked both by children, since they show greater motivation and interest in this type of lesson, and by teachers, who consider us a totally useful and valid tool, although it should be noted that Lingokids does not seek to be a substitute for schools or traditional methodology, but a perfect ally for them, since it increases the fun of children, does not distract them and provides and reinforces knowledge.”

– Nabila Prieto, Brand Director of Lingokids


Click here to find more details about the study. 


More about Lingokids

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