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5 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day

fathers day dad and son activity

As Father’s Day is almost here, you may be wondering what sort of outdoor activities families can enjoy together. What better way to celebrate Dad this season than having some fun in the sun? 

Whether you’re looking for something low-key or a proper excursion, here are some ideas for quality outdoor dad time!


5 Father’s Day activities

1. Head to the Park 

Pack some snacks and don’t forget the sunscreen; bringing Dad to the nearest park is a classic way to spend Father’s Day. Depending on his interests, bring a kite, a ball, or a book… and have fun! He’ll love it. 


fathers day kite



2. Plan a Scavenger Hunt 

One way to get dad outside and moving on Father’s Day is by creating a scavenger hunt. You can strategically hide gifts around the house, the garden, and the neighborhood for him to find. Just be sure to leave him some clues to point him in the right direction!



3. Play Mini-Golf 

A few rounds of mini-golf becomes fun for the whole family, especially if you have energetic youngsters at home. There’s also the freedom to arrange something similar to mini-golf in your garden if you have one. Either way, Dad will appreciate the gesture and competition.


fathers day golf with kids


4. Wash Dad’s Car 

Not every dad is madly in love with their car, but many sure are! If your dad is obsessed with his vehicle, one of the best presents is giving his other baby a proper wash. Cleaning up Dad’s car will surely bring a smile to his face.


fathers day car wash


5. Do Some Bird Watching 

Nowadays, a lot of dads are busy and need to disconnect from the computer screen, so perhaps he’ll enjoy bird watching. Families who live near a nature preserve can take advantage of this option. Not only is bird watching a low-cost idea, but it’s a great stress reliever.


fathers day bird watching



As you can see, there are loads of entertaining outdoor activities to do with Dad this year for Father’s Day. If all else fails, make it a special occasion by planning a barbecue. No matter if your dad loves grilled steak or mushrooms, preparing his favorite food will always put a smile on his face.

These outdoor activities are a genuine way to show your dad love and gratitude this Father’s Day!


Playlearning™ Together for Father’s Day

These are just a few ways that you can celebrate Dad this weekend! For ideas on playing and learning together, check out our YouTube Channels and download the Lingokids App

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