How Birth Order Affects Kids’ Personalities

orden nacimiento y personalidad de los niños

Although every family looks different, siblings play a huge role in kids’ growth and development. Brothers and sisters teach each other important lessons like how to play with others, while only children tend to learn a lot from their parents. Looking into birth order is an interesting way to discover more about your child’s personality and how they experience the world! 



Birth Order and Kids’ Personalities

Although kids growing up in the same home have a lot in common, they may have very different personalities. In fact, it’s typical for siblings to be more different than they are alike

Research shows that sibling order can greatly influence children’s development and personality! Being the oldest, middle kid, or youngest can affect intelligence, mental growth, and even success in adulthood. 


The Oldest Child

The oldest child is often a perfectionist who follows the rules and is determined to please their parents. Firstborns can act like mini-adults and also be hard-working and responsible.

The best way to help them is to be very cognizant of your expectations of them. Ensure that the oldest children know they can still accomplish great things without the pressure to be perfect. 

oldest child birth order kids personalities


The Middle Child

Middle kids often feel that their wants and needs are overlooked because of their “high achieving” older sibling or due to excitement about their new baby sibling. Middle children can often act as the “mediators” in the family. 

Make sure to set aside some one-on-one time with your middle child to make them feel heard and important.


middle child birth order kids personalities


The Youngest Child

Younger kids are usually fun and outgoing. They may also be talented attention-seekers and open to daring experiences like racing or mountain climbing. 

Celebrate their achievements while also holding them to the same standards of discipline and behavior as their older siblings.


youngest child birth order kids personalities


The Only Child

If your child doesn’t have a sibling, they’ll probably grow up to be very independent and ambitious. In addition, only children often have closer a relationship with their parents and feel more comfortable around adults. 

Make sure to teach only children how to share and compromise so they know that they won’t always get their way in life.


only child birth order personalities


More than anything, the most important influence on children’s growth is how they are treated. Every family and child is different, so not all kids will have these same personalities. Ultimately, building a happy relationship with children is the best thing families can do.


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