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Lingokids’ Award-Winning Podcasts Join New Apple Podcast Features

New Apple Podcast Features

We have exciting news to share! Lingokids’ popular podcasts for kids will be among the first to connect with the new features coming to Apple Podcasts this fall. At the recent WWDC23 event, Apple unveiled a range of enhancements, including linking subscriptions to leading apps like Lingokids

We are thrilled to be featured alongside prestigious partners such as Calm, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

According to Apple, listeners will soon be able to connect eligible subscriptions from the App Store’s top apps with Apple Podcasts, granting access to fresh shows and additional benefits. This includes renowned global news apps like The Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, L’Équipe, and WELT. Moreover, health and fitness apps such as Calm, and of course, kids and family apps like Lingokids, will seamlessly integrate with Apple Podcasts. The platform will automatically recognize App Store subscriptions, adding the corresponding channel or show to the listener’s Library.

Of nearly 2 million apps on Apple’s App Store, only one leading global kids and family app made the cut—Lingokids. We are incredibly honored to be chosen as one of Apple’s first partners in this exciting update to Apple Podcasts. 


“We are incredibly excited to have been chosen by Apple as one of its very first partners for the exciting update to Apple Podcasts.”

– Cristobal Viedma, founder and CEO of Lingokids


Thousands of families tune into our Lingokids podcast offerings each week, where they listen and learn together about a wide range of topics, from space travel to entrepreneurship. As we eagerly look ahead, we anticipate working closely with Apple over the coming months to provide even more exciting options and educational content to families worldwide.



About Lingokids’ Podcasts for Kids

Since our launch in 2016, Lingokids has amassed a portfolio of acclaimed offerings, including the trusted Lingokids app, which is used by over 60 million families worldwide. Additionally, we have created Lingokids Podcasts and Lingokids Music Publishing. Now, Lingokids boasts three hit podcasts for families: Growin’ Up, Stories for Kids, and Music to Our Ears, all of which will seamlessly integrate with Apple’s new feature this fall.

In 2022, we introduced Growin’ Up, an award-winning podcast for kids aged 5-8. Hosted by Emily Calandrelli, an MIT engineer turned EMMY-nominated science TV host, the show takes young listeners on a weekly adventure. Emily, along with her real kid assistants, interviews incredibly talented individuals who hold aspirational jobs for kids, such as ballet dancers, astronauts, bakers, professional soccer players, and more.

Stories for Kids, our first podcast, brought Lingokids’ unique Playlearning approach to children’s audio content for the first time, and it has now exceeded 4.6 million downloads, receiving widespread acclaim.

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Apple and continue our mission of providing top-quality educational content and delightful experiences to children and families worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to explore the fascinating world of Lingokids podcasts on Apple Podcasts this fall!



More about Lingokids

The Lingokids universe provides original, award-winning, interactive content for kids, transforming how kids can learn. Lingokids creates games, songs, podcasts, videos, and activities that blend educational subjects with modern life skills to spark curiosity, imagination, and success in school—and beyond!  

Interested in learning more about how Lingokids helps families raise amazing kids? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels!

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