Lingokids’ Social Impact: Thanks To All Our Amazing Partners!

We believe that our partnerships play a huge role in Lingokids’ mission to help families around the world playlearn. By working with organizations that share similar values as us, we know that we’re that much closer to fulfilling Lingokids’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) to break down language barriers.

We at Lingokids are very committed to the social responsibility that we feel towards families all over the world. That’s why we recently started collaborating with two organizations that are helping us offer more playlearning™ to our community: UNICEF and ACNUR (through CEAR, CESAL, and Cruz Roja).


UNICEF & Lingokids: Social Impact In Latin America And The Caribbean

Lingokids social impact

We’re excited to announce that we recently joined forces with UNICEF to grant families in Latin America and the Caribbean free access to our app!

With almost all schools closed in this region, it is estimated that more than 159 million children have been affected. Both Lingokids and UNICEF knew that finding a way to help continue education for children during lockdown was of the greatest importance. [ 1 ]

That’s why UNICEF and Lingokids came together to launch a campaign, in which all interested families could redeem a code to receive full access to the Lingokids app. We couldn’t be happier knowing that there are now thousands of families in Latin America and the Caribbean playlearning™ at home.

We also joined UNICEF’s #LearningAtHome challenge, which helps parents and children face lockdown in a fun, instructive way. With engaging social media challenges and exciting new content like our Bubbles Chant, we are so happy to be fulfilling Lingokids’ CSR commitment by helping more families learn English through play.


Lingokids social impact

Lingokids social impact



ACNUR & Lingokids #WithRefugees: Two Years Of Free Access To The Lingokids App

Lingokids social impact

We also recently teamed up with ACNUR, the Spanish branch of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Together with this amazing group, we are now offering refugee families free access to our app for two years to help encourage learning through play during a time in which many education centers are closed.

This commitment is facilitated through three organizations that ACNUR and the Spanish Committee of ACNUR collaborate with: the Center for Studies and Solidarity with Latin America (CESAL), the Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (Spanish Commission to Help Refugees, CEAR), and the Spanish Cruz Roja (Red Cross).

Interested families can request access to our app through one of these three groups for unlimited playlearning™.



❤️ Lingokids’ Social Responsibility Is At The Core Of What We Do!

Lingokids social impact

From the beginning, we’ve made it a priority to collaborate with NGOs and companies to donate licenses for our app and share educational content to support children and parents.

Our collaborations include amazing foundations like:

You can check all our partners here!

We are so grateful for the partners we have and look forward to all our future partnerships and collaborations yet to come.

We know that with every organization we team up with, we are supporting education for more families, while giving children and parents more reasons to smile.

✉️ If you are part of an NGO or a foundation and wish to collaborate with us, please contact us at We’ll be more than happy to help!

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