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Make Lifelong Memories This International Family Day

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May 15 is International Family Day, and what better reason to bring the whole family together to celebrate? After all, it’s what the day is intended for. 

Here, we’ll share some ideas about how you can celebrate International Family Day with your children. From fun arts and crafts ideas to out-and-about adventures, we hope you love them!


How can I celebrate International Family Day with my family?

There are a ton of fun ways you can celebrate this day with your loved ones and so many opportunities to get creative and make the day special for everyone. Whether your family prefers dancing around the living room or cozying up with a book, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your loved ones. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:


⛺ Build an Epic Fort

Whether you set up a family game or movie night, level it up by adding a fort to the mix! 

Turn your living room into a whole new world by hanging up sheets and adding pillows and blankets to the floor to create a cozy fort. Inside the fort, you can play games, watch a movie, read a book, or eat a tasty treat! 

Your little ones will love this change of scenery within their own home! 


🌳 Create a Family Tree 

Make a family tree with your kids to help them learn more about their family history. 

Why not grab the paintbrushes and pens and teach your children about where they come from? It’s a great chance for them to learn more about their heritage while having fun with arts and crafts. What’s more, every member of the family can get involved and share their stories

The finished product is something that can stay in the family for, well, generations!


📝 Penpals

Take some time to reflect on the importance of family. Come together and write letters to your loved ones—whether you’ve seen them recently or not. 

You could even include photos to share with them. If your little one isn’t old enough to write yet, you can encourage them to paint a picture to be included in the letter! 


🍝 Enjoy a Meal Together

Come together over food and create a delicious family meal. It’s a well-known fact that food can bring people together—and we couldn’t agree more. 

This International Family Day, get creative with your kids and cook up new recipes and memories together that’ll last a lifetime.


  • Apple Rings – Slip on an apron and enjoy creating this delicious and creative recipe! 
  • Egg Recipes– Learn about how people from all around the world take their eggs. Enjoy making “huevos rancheros” together. Your little one will be so proud of the dish they create with you! 
  • Fancy Mashed Potatoes – Any way to make potatoes is a good way! Have fun dancing “the mashed potato” move together as you prepare this recipe. 


🧺 Go on a Picnic

What better way to come together than a picnic? Organize a family picnic in the park and invite other families to join. 

Family can mean so much more than the people you’re related to—it can include your closest friends, neighbors, and many more.

Spread the love with family and friends by joining forces over sandwiches and a frisbee game. 


🎵 Music



🎙️ Podcasts

  • Storytime: Grandpa’s cookies Learn ways to bond with grandparents, even if they live far away! Understand why patience is important when we connect with others. 
  • Storytime: Bittersweet Twins – It can be tough always being compared to your loved ones. Listen to this tale about jealousy and forgiveness. 


Enjoy taking the time to appreciate your family. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make memories and create traditions for the future. Happy International Family Day!


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Parents, how do you plan to celebrate International Family Day? 

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