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Dancing, Digestion, Subtraction, and More!

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January has been a month of new goals and brand-new activities for Playlearning™ fun! From reading and math to art and exercise, there are so many fun things for kids to play and learn on the app. Check out the new games, songs, and cartoons awaiting learners in the Lingokids Universe


Build Reading and Literacy Skills

reading and literacy games for kids


Tiny Tales: Cowy

  • This game helps kids strengthen literacy skills. By recognizing events in the images and arranging them into the correct order, they can learn story sequencing. While playing, children can build problem-solving and fine motor skills. Plus, they’ll learn new vocabulary about birthdays!


Mystery Maze: Reader

  • In the Mystery Maze: Reader game, kids learn vocabulary about the bedroom by problem-solving their way through an entertaining maze! Plus, they’ll learn fun facts along the way. 


Solve Math Problems to the Finish Line

math and logic games for kids


Soccer Race: Subtract

  • On your marks, get set, MATH! In this game, kids can solve subtraction problems with numbers 1 – 10. They can choose their favorite character and solve the problems to make it to the finish line!  


Sort the Blocks: Baby Bot

  • This logic puzzle encourages kids to compare and order objects by size. They’ll practice problem-solving and fine motor skills in order to reveal an image of Baby Bot. 


Sort the Blocks: Lisa

  • In this game, kids can compare and order objects by size to reveal a special image of Lisa the Cat. While playing, they’ll practice problem-solving and strengthen fine motor skills.


Adventure through the Human Body


Baby Bot Knows the Digestive System

  • In this Baby Bot episode, Elliot teaches Baby Bot about the six stages of the digestive system. Kids can go on an adventure through the different phases of digestion to learn more about how our bodies use food to make energy… and waste! While watching, they’ll learn fascinating facts about the human body!


Celebrate Finished Chores with Dancing



“Penguin Dance” Song

  • The “Penguin Dance” song encourages kids to celebrate after finishing each and every task. Brushed their teeth? Penguin Dance! Picked up their toys? Penguin Dance! It’s a fun way for children to practice life skills, following the rules, and self-care—all while wiggling and giggling.


Make Musical Masterpieces

art and creativity games for kids


Soundbox Circus

  • The “Soundbox Circus” game is full of color and fun! Kids can strengthen their listening skills by playing musical notes, and they can even invent and record their own tunes. 


Artist Playground: Winter

  • In this creative game, children learn about the winter season. They can add their own artistic touch to each painting and can save their masterpieces to the device!


Playlearning™ with Lingokids

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