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When it comes to the subject of dinosaurs, most kids are super fans. There is so much that we can learn about dinosaurs and the land before time as we know it! Check out our content for dinosaur fanatics.

With Lingokids, your little ones can learn the answer the questions like:

  • When did the dinosaurs live? 
  • How did dinosaurs evolve? 
  • What did dinosaurs eat? 


Stomp into these interactive games, videos, songs, activities, and stories to find out the answers! 


Baby Bot Knows Dinosaurs


Is there a difference between a chicken bone and a dinosaur bone? You might be surprised by the answer! Learn all about the history behind dinosaurs and how they evolved over time. Get ready to laugh, learn, and satisfy your curiosity with Baby Bot, Cowy, and Billy!   


Dino Music


It’s time to get curious about some of our favorite gigantic creatures! Sing and dance along to our dinosaurs songs for kids and learn more about these prehistoric animals.


Dino Craft


T-Rex may look big and scary, but their tiny arms are just too cute! This video will teach your little paleontologist to draw a dinosaur with step-by-step instructions. 


Dino Podcast

Take a listen to the Dinosaurs Podcast! Interested in more facts about when the dinosaurs lived and what they ate? This episode of “Music to Our Ears” travels back in time to make friends with Stegosaurus and observe T-Rex from an imaginary hideout.


Play Interactive Dinosaur Games with Lingokids 

Is your little one a dinosaur fanatic? Download the Lingokids app to explore the many different dinosaur games that are entertaining and educational! Plus, check out all our content on our YouTube channels.

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