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Free Playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

LingoListen: Goodnight, Lingokids 🌙 Podcast for Kids

Bedtime for the little ones - listen along with the Lingocrew as they get ready to go to sleep!

Lingolisten good night lingokids podcast for kids

Time for bed, Lingokids! Your kids will relax with some mindful breathing and wind down along with Cowy, Lisa, Elliot, Billy and Baby Bot.


Good Night, Lingokids! Podcast for Kids

Your day sure was long, Lingokids! Now it’s time to relax and head to bed together with our Lingocharacters. Good night!

Stories Podcast: Goodnight, Lingokids Transcript

Welcome to LingoListen where we share some of our favorite bedtime stories. Let’s find out how the Lingokids get ready for bed. 

Mindful Breathing

The sun is down, and it’s time to get ready for sleep. To relax, the Lingokids friends like to have quiet time together. They find a quiet place to sit down comfortably, close their eyes, and breathe in and out, very slowly. You can join them:

  • Breathe in… Breath out (x3)
  • One more time.
  • Breathe in… Breath out. 

After some mindful breathing, each of the Lingokids friends enjoys their special bedtime routine.


Goodnight, Cowy!

Let’s say goodnight to Cowy.

Do you know what that sound was? It’s the door of Cowy’s bedroom.

Now listen.

Can you hear what Cowy’s doing?

She likes coloring in her coloring book before bed.

Goodnight, Cowy.


Goodnight, Lisa!

Now let’s say goodnight to Lisa.

Oh, she must be in the kitchen.

Do you know that sound? What do you think Lisa’s doing?

She’s drinking a nice glass of milk before bed.

Goodnight, Lisa.



Goodnight, Elliot!

Let’s find Elliot.

Where is he? 

Oh, there he is in the bathroom.

What’s that sound?

What is Elliot doing before bed?

Of course! He’s brushing his teeth.

Goodnight, Elliot.


Goodnight, Billy and Baby Bot!


Let’s go down to Billy’s lab.

Ooh…Here we are.

Can you hear that?

Billy is reading a bedtime story to Baby Bot.

Sounds like Baby Bot is already asleep!

Goodnight Baby Bot, Goodnight Billy.


Good night! Keep an ear out for the next episodes of LingoListen.



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