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Food names

Learning about food names is a must because it's a huge part of our lives. Here, you'll discover useful English food vocabulary and some fun games and activities to make teaching this vital lesson to your little ones a breeze!

Food is essential for life! It provides the nutrients needed to have good energy levels and it helps people grow up and stay healthy. Also, it’s one of the things that all human beings have in common!

Children start learning about food from the day they’re born. As they grow up, they get to know the different types of food, their textures and how they taste. More importantly, the little ones also learn about which food choices are healthier and what ingredients they like the best. Since one of the activities that kids enjoy the most is helping in the kitchen, cooking becomes the perfect opportunity to help them know more about food and cuisine in a fun way. Through these cooking activities, children also learn to make healthy eating choices to lead healthier lives.

Additionally, learning about food names in English helps the little ones broaden their vocabulary as they familiarise with the processes to cook food and the different cooking equipment needed to transform raw ingredients into tasty meals. Also, learning food vocabulary is a great way to improve children’s general knowledge, since through dishes and meals they discover other cultures and the types of food they prefer.

Here you’ll find helpful food vocabulary in English and also fun games and activities to help you teach your little ones this important lesson.



Food Vocabulary


salad - food




sandwich - food



Bread - Food



Steak - Food



tuna steak - food

tuna steak



fish - food




shrimp - food


Rice - Food





Spaguettis - Food




pizza - food



hamburger - food


Eggs - Food




cheese - food




sausages - food



Apple juice - Food

apple juice


Grape juice - Food

grape juice


Milk - Food




candy - food




Cookie - Food


Pie - Food




Cake - Food




cupcake - food




Tastes and Textures in English

Not all food tastes the same, there are different types of flavors and textures. Take a look at some of the basic ones!

salty / spicy / sweet

sour /acidic /bitter

bland / crunchy / raw

Food Words ✍️

There are different words for the times we eat and the types of food we have. Let’s learn some of them!


Is the first meal of the day, the one we eat in the morning.



This is a meal that people eat at lunchtime, around noon.


dinner ️

Depending on where you live, it could be the main meal of the day or the last meal of the day.



These are small portions of food eaten throughout the day.


take-out food

This is food that people buy from a food place, and it’s usually eaten at home or somewhere else.


drinks / beverages ☕

Juice, milk, and water are drinks! All the liquids that we can drink.



Is the food we eat at a specific time of the day, like breakfast, lunch or dinner.



A piece of food that we cut with our teeth.


Chewing is crushing the food with the teeth to be able to eat it better.



Food Printable Flashcards ️

Flashcards: Food Flashcards: Food 2 Flashcards: Desserts

Let’s keep learning about food vocabulary with the names of fruits in English!


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Can your little ones bake and decorate a delicious cake for our friends? This game will help your little ones learn food names in English while getting creative with their decorations!


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