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English for kids

Free Playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Activities to learn prepositions

Learning prepositions can be difficult for young learners, buy these activities will make it fun! Here you'll find games and activities to teach prepositions to your little ones in a natural way.

Apps - Activities to learn prepositions

1. Educational apps

The Lingokids app has 4 different topics for learning English prepositions. All of them have many fun games, activities, and songs with which your child will learn easily and while having a lot of fun. Along with the games and activities you can find printable material so that your child can learn while taking a break from the tablet. You have to download the app to unlock more of these printable materials.



Where is the toy - Activities to learn prepositions

2. Where’s the toy?

Now that your child has been introduced the prepositions vocabulary, it’s time to practice. Take your child’s favorite mini toy (the one that can fin in a cup) and a transparent plastic cup. Place the toy on, in, under, behind, or by the cup and ask your child ”Where’s the toy?”. It’s a quick and easy activity that you can practice every day. And as it includes your child’s favorite toy it will be easy for them to memorize the vocabulary and the actions.



Dance - Activities to learn prepositions

3. On, in, under dance

Dance and music are the best way to learn specific words, especially if the song is repetitive and goes along with gestures that explain the vocabulary. In this video about prepositions in English, you can see the dance and the gestures for the prepositions you have to learn with your child. Once you have practiced the actions, turn up the volume and sing the song “We’re going on a bear hunt ” and go in an adventure with our friends!



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