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English for kids

Activities to learn the pronouns

Me, you, her! Learn to use the pronouns in English with these fun activities to do at home!

Learning about pronouns puts children one step closer to mastering the English language. In it, pronouns are essential to make sentences and complete ideas. However, pointing out the different pronouns in a sheet of paper is not enough for the little ones to learn. This is why these activities to learn about pronouns might come in handy. No matter if they are native English speakers, learning English as a second language or learning English as a foreign language. Through games, children will learn easily, and also, more effectively.

Thw two rooms game1. The Two Rooms. This game is quite fun and very easy to prepare!. If your child is too young to draw, help him or her by making the drawings, on the contrary, ask your little one to do the drawings. First, you will need a piece of paper. Divide the paper into halves by drawing a line. One space will be room number one, the other will be room number two. On room number one, draw a character and a few objects. The room can have as many objects as you like, but try to make more than five. Then, draw the same objects in different or equal quantities in the second room. Don’t draw the character in the second room, though! The idea of the game is for your little one to practice the demonstrative pronounsthis these ” and “that those ”. Explain that the objects close to the character should be referred to by using “this ” or “these ” depending on if it’s one or more than one. The objects far away from the character should go with the pronouns “that ” and “those ”, depending if it’s one or more. Now practice saying sentences about the different objects in the rooms using the demonstrative pronouns in English .

Let's jump game2. Let’s Jump! This game is one of the favorites for young children because it involves lots of movement, which is something that they like a lot, and which makes them more eager to participate. To do the game you will need some mats, ones that you can use to stick pronouns on. The idea is to put a pronoun on each mat. Then, you will need to read or say some sentences using those pronouns and your little one should jump from one mat to the other, depending on the pronoun you said. Leave about five seconds between sentences to give your child a chance to jump. This game is also great to play with a group of friends! In this case, you can establish a point system where every time a little one jumps on the correct pronoun, he or she gets a point, so the team or player with more points wins. This is a great activity to reinforce and develop listening skills in English.

Collage pronouns 3.
Pronouns Collage. Does your little one like to do collages? These crafts are so much fun! They are really creative, easy to do, and they look beautiful too! To do a pronouns collage, you will first need to grab a big piece of paper. Then, cut several different items from old magazines or newspapers, it could be fruits, people in groups or alone, animals, etc. Then, on the sheet of paper, draw some lines to form odd shapes. Inside each shape write a pronoun in English, then, ask your little one to pick the item that corresponds to each pronoun and place it on the right spot in the sheet. This will make you have a very lovely and varied collage with lots of items that you can also use to practice English vocabulary with your little one.

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