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English for kids

Activities to practice questions

Questions are an important part of a language, learn more about how to make them and how to answer them with these games!

Children are naturally curious, and parents can often use this as an advantage to help them grow their vocabulary and practice new subjects. As your child grows, questions are going to become a more frequent occurrence. They would want to know all about everything that surrounds them, and this is the perfect chance to do some activities to practice questions in English.


Know your character - Activities to learn about questions

1. Know Your Character.

A great way to boost your child’s creativity is to ask him or her to create their own characters for a story. This character should have a name, and a background, and also some personality traits and preferences.

If your child is too young to write, ask him or her to draw it. On the other hand, if your child is older, you can ask him or her to write a short description of this character. Now, ask your little one questions in English about his or her character. If you’d like, you can turn this activity into family fun time.

Gather your family members and ask each one to draw a character, encourage your little ones to make questions about these.

Once you’re finished, you can even use these characters to create your own theater play and use this type of art to improve your child’s English.

This is an awesome way to practice this topic, and a perfect occasion to get your creativity flowing.



Go Fish! - Activities to learn about questions

2. Go Fish.

This is the perfect game to play with the youngest of the house! Instead of playing with a regular deck of cards, print two sets of English vocabulary flashcards to play with your little one.

Once you have the cards, gather your family, and let’s play! The objective of the game is to collect sets of the same vocabulary cards (two cards with images of a hat, for example, and two more cards with the word “hat” written on them). First, you’ll need to shuffle the cards.

Then, you have to deal with the cards to all the players.

The game is perfect for two to six players, and the number of cards for each player will be between seven and five. This game is based on honesty, so you should have that as a rule in your game.

Each player will start collecting their sets of cards, and on their turn, they should make a question to a player for the cards he or she is selecting, like: “Do you have the red hat?”, if that person has the card, then he or she must hand them to the player who asked the question. If not, the person must say “Go Fish”, and he or she takes the next turn.

The winner will be the player with the most sets at the end. This a fun way of practicing yes or no questions with the little ones!


Guess the object - Activities to learn about questions in English

3. Guess the object.

This is a simple game that works for the youngest of the house. Using your children’s toys and the different objects you have in your house, play a simple guessing game with your little one.

You can ask questions about different objects in the room and have your child guess the object you’re talking about. For example, if you see a bike across the bedroom, ask your child “Where is the toy with the wheels?” Your child should start looking for it until it finds the toy.

Then, swap places with your child. Encourage your child to be the one making the questions, and you will have to guess what object he or she is talking about.

Your little one will be making questions in no time!


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