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Modes of Transport

By land, by air, or by water! Talking about transportation is important for children's language development and their general knowledge. Here you'll find the names of vehicles, and lots of transportation vocabulary.

Buses, boats, and trains! What’s your little favorite transportation system? There are many modes of transportation that allow us to move from one part of the world to another, and learning about them is one the first things that little ones do as soon as they start communicating with their families.

During early childhood, children are dependant on their parents to carry them around before they start walking, they hop up into their little strollers and travel the city with mom and dad guiding them. As soon as they start getting older, children start playing with toy cars, learning how to drive through their houses, which turns out to be a great exercise for children’s spatial awareness. As they reach a certain age, bicycles are the way to go for many kids that wish to set out on adventures with family and friends!

So, talking about the different types of transportation comes almost naturally to the little ones. But there’s more to this topic than just learning names of vehicles: it’s also important to learn to express the action of using the different transportation systems. When talking about transport, we can use prepositions or verbs to express ourselves. Let’s learn the most common vocabulary about transportation and also verbs related to transportation.


Types of Transportation

Depending on the destination, there is a myriad of vehicles that are suited to travel to various places. For example, you can go by land if there are roads and highways available; or maybe by air if the distance is too long; or even by water if you live on an island. Let’s check out the different means of transport there are.

⛅ Air Transport

Is the fastest mean of transport, and it consists of a vehicle traveling by air.

Modes of transport


Hot air balloon - Modes of transport

hot air balloon

Airplane - Modes of transport

airplane (plane)

Dirigible - Medios de transporte


Rocket - Modes of transport


spaceship - english for kids - Lingokids


space shuttle - English for kids - Lingokids

space shuttle

zeppelin - English for kids - Lingokids


✈️ Airport Vocabulary

airport / aircraft / air traffic control

airline / baggage / aisle seat / cabin

window seat / boarding pass / carry-on luggage

check-in desk / copilot / pilot / customs

flight / landing / flight attendant / jet lag

round trip / seat belt / terminal / take-off



🌊 Water Transportation

It refers to all the transport made over a body of water, such as a lake, an ocean, a sea, a river, or a canal.

Sailboat - Modes of transport



Cruise Ship - Modes of transport

cruise ship



Cargo ship - Modes of transport

cargo ship



Speedboat - Modes of transport




Jet ski - Modes of transport

jet ski




pirate ship



boat- English for kids - Lingokids



ship - English for kids - Lingokids




Submarine - English for kids- Lingokids



yatch - English for kids - Lingokids



canoe - english for kids - lingokids




amphibious vehicle - english for kids - lingokids

amphibious vehicle



gondola - english for kids - lingokids




Kayak - English for kids - Lingokids




tugboat - english for kids - lingokids



airboat - english for kids - lingokids







raft - english for kids - lingokids




coast guard ship- English for kids - Lingokids

coast guard ship

🚢 Sailing Vocabulary

port / starboard / anchor / launch

hatch / sails / course / pier

quay / stern / bow / harbor / aboard

paddle / lifeboat / dam / embark

scuttle / lighthouse / fleet / rudder

breakwater / merchant ship / shipyard

🛣️  Land Transport

It refers to all the vehicles that can transport people or objects by land.


Bicycle - Modes of transport




Car - Modes of transport




Bus - Modes of transport




Train - Modes of transport




Truck - Modes of transport




Van - Modes of transport




Taxi - Modes of transport




motobike - English for kids - Lingokids

motorcycle (motorbike)



subway - English for kids - Lingokids




subway - English for kids - Lingokids



scooter - English for kids - Lingokids



tricycle - English for kids - Lingokids



pick up track - English for kids - Lingokids

pick-up truck


tractor - English for kids - Lingokids



cable car - English for kids - Lingokids

cable car

airship - English for kids - Lingokids



SUV - English for kids - Lingokids



trolley bus - English for kids - Lingokids

trolley bus


garbage truck - English for kids - Lingokids

garbage truck


ambulance - English for kids - Lingokids



wagon - English for kids - Lingokids



convertible - English for kids - Lingokids



dogsled - English for kids - Lingokids



forklift - English for kids - Lingokids



go-cart - English for kids - Lingokids



golf cart - English for kids - Lingokids

golf cart


hybrid car - English for kids - Lingokids


snowmobile - English for kids - Lingokids




transport - English for kids - Lingokids

tow truck


segway - English for kids - Lingokids



school bus - English for kids - Lingokids

school bus



limousine - English for kids - Lingokids


double decker - English for kids - Lingokids


🚂 Train Vocabulary

dining car / platform / ticket office / first class

ticket collector / railway station / track / booking

single ticket / return ticket / one way ticket / timetable

coach / express train / luggage rack / sleeping car


After having taken a look at the types of transports, let’s learn about several ways to say how do you get to a certain place. For this, we can use prepositions or verbs.



🗒️ Let’s Check Out The Way To Use Prepositions To Talk About Transportation:

by air

by road

by car

by subway

by bus

by bicycle

by sea

by train

on foot



🗒️ Let’s See Some Verbs To Talk About Traveling

These express the actions done when taking a specific meaning of transport.

to drive

to walk

to stroll

to fly

to sail

to ride a bike

to take the bus

to take the train

to take the subway

🗺️ Useful Travel Vocabulary

There’s a lot of different expressions that can be used when talking about transportation with our little ones, we can talk about the type of transportation system used or maybe use phrases that belong to a certain mean of transportation.

Public transport

Is a system formed by buses, trains, and other vehicles that have fixed routes and also fixed schedules, and that are widely used by the citizens of a place, and the general public.


Private transport

It’s a service that’s not available to the general public, such as yachts or planes.



It means to travel from one place to another. It’s mostly used for vehicles.



Is a frequent journey that’s made from the house to work or school.



Is the time when we get to a destination



Is the time when we leave a location.



Is the person that travels inside a vehicle or means of transport.



Is the change of transportation system a passenger has to do when there’s no direct journey to their destination.



💬 Useful Expressions for Traveling

ticket - english for kids - lingokids

Hi, I would like a return ticket to Valencia, please.

What platform does it leave from?

How long is the journey?

Is it an express train or do I have to change trains?

How do you go to school?

How do you get to work?

I ride my bike to school.

We always walk to the park.

Elliot goes to work by bus.

Is there a flight to Toronto, please?

Can I have a window seat?

I prefer an aisle seat, thanks.

What times does it take off?

How long is the flight?



Modes of Transport Printable Flashcards 🖍️

Flashcards: Land Vehicles  Flashcards: Air Vehicles

Flashcards: Water Vehicles

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