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Alphabet Song

Watch the video to hear the ABC song and learn the alphabet letters!

About the Song

ABC! Alphabet songs for me! One of the first steps to becoming an English speaker is learning the alphabet. The English alphabet has 26 unique letters that each have their own special shape, sound, and name. What’s a fun way to teach the alphabet for kids? A song, of course!

Watch the video to hear the ABC song. Encourage your child to sing along! Don’t forget to look closely at the pictures! Each letter has a special picture of an English word that starts with that letter. These can be great vocabulary words! Does your child recognize any words? Pause the video and talk about the pictures you see. A boy is waving behind the B. Look at the lion roaring next to the L! The sun is shining through the S. After singing the song a few times, find the letters that are in your child’s name. What pictures do you see behind the letters? Practice these vocabulary words!

The more kids sing the ABC song, the better they’ll remember it. Keep practicing the song! To have more fun, ask your child if they can make any letter shapes with their fingers. Can they cross their fingers for X? Give T a try! Speaking, communicating, writing, and reading all start with knowing alphabet letters. As your child sees and talks about these letters, they will begin to understand how words form and how English is part of their world. ABC, English is for me! Let’s watch the video and sing!

This video by Lingokids offers the perfect way for your children to the learn alphabet and its phonics, they’ll be able to identify each letter both by looking at them and through hearing, they’ll get acquainted with the sounds in a natural way that’s also fun and entertaining, making the learning process much more fun and easy-going.

Alphabet song Lyrics:





w,x, y, and z.

Now I know my ABC´s,

next time won´t you sing with me?

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