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Purple Submarine

Get ready to practice prepositions in English with this fun song about a marvelous trip through the sea!

About the Song

The world is always in constant change. In the past centuries, this change has been powered by humans and their love for discovering new and interesting things. The song “Purple Submarine” is perfect to celebrate the discoverers and explorers that have made the world a better place with their insatiable thirst for knowledge.

From ancient times, people have had a need to know more about the world that we live in. Explorers and discoverers driven by their love for adventure have made possible to find out fantastic pyramids, old reliques, hidden islands, and more. All of these discoveries have helped the human kind advance. And of course, this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for their curiosity, a trait that many children have and treasure!

As parents, it’s important to nurture children’s curiosity for new things. This can be done through games, stories, or even songs! This song for kids is perfect for your little one to learn about exploring the ocean.

In the song, your child will accompany Cowy on a fun trip across the ocean on a purple submarine . Submarines are vehicles made to go under the sea and cover great distances. To navigate, Cowy uses a compass to make sure to set course is the right one.

As the submarine travels through the ocean, your little one will get to see many animals and plants that live underwater. They can see an octopus , a seahorse , a squid , a shark , a whale , several starfish , and many algae ! There’s so much diversity under the sea!

Then, the submarine arrives at a distant island filled with beautiful palm trees with coconuts, lots of bushes , and golden sand . Cowy steps out and heads to the island, ready to explore it! She’s wearing a hat and carrying a map , the map will guide her through the trails. She visits all the islands in the area, exploring through mountains , volcanoes and more. She even uses a telescope to help her see better!

Now that you and your child have listened to the song, try singing along! Read the lyrics and have fun retelling the story of the purple submarine. Remember that repetition is key in language learning, so make sure to listen to the song a few more times. This way all the vocabulary in English will be easier to remember.

As your child watches the video, encourage him or her to focus on the animals, objects, and plants that can be found in it. You can ask simple questions to review the colors in English such as “What color is the squid?” or even more complex questions to practice numbers in English, as “How many starfish are there in the video?” You can pause it and help your little one count them!

This type of content represents a great opportunity to improve fluency in spoken English through singing. Also, it’s lots of fun and will spark your child’s curiosity and make them an explorer!

Purple Submarine Lyrics

The purple submarine takes me on a trip.
Time to get ready.
Get the compass. Set a course.
Let’s go under the sea.

Explore with us, the underwater bus!
Purple submarine!

The purple submarine jumps out of the sea.
Up on the land, high ho!
Get a backpack. Check the map.
On the mountain trail, I go!

Explore with us, the underwater bus!
Purple submarine!

The purple submarine is always there
to take me somewhere new.
Looking through the telescope,
maybe I find you!

Explore with us, the underwater bus!
Purple submarine!

Purple submarine, purple submarine,
purple submarine!

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