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Three Little Kittens

This lovely song about kittens is great to learn more about clothes, nature, and being responsible!

About the Song

Kittens are adorable little animals. They are soft and cuddly, and they make great protagonists for all sorts of stories! The lovely song “Three Little Kittens” is one of those, plus, it’s a great way to learn new vocabulary in English.

This nursery rhyme for kids is not new at all. In fact, its origin is mostly unknown, although it is believed that it has its roots in the British folk tradition.

The modern edition of this children’s song was a rhyme first published by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen, an American poet, in 1843. However, many versions of this poem can be found throughout the world. It’s a fantasy tale that children love for sure!

In this version, your little one will get to accompany three little kittens who are up for an adventure outside their house! The three siblings are having fun in the garden, surrounded by nature. Meanwhile, their mom is inside preparing the most delicious cherry pie!

It’s fairly cold outside: the wind is blowing and leaves are falling from the trees. It seems to be autumn! Because of the chilly weather, the kittens are wearing winter clothes such as scarves, sweaters, and mittens!

As soon as they finish playing, they go inside the house to enjoy a piece of pie. But… wait, there seems to be a problem… The kittens have lost their mittens while playing! The mom is not happy about it and tells her children that they must find the missing clothes if they want some pie.

The kittens go outside and finally find the mittens in the grass. They had lost them while playing! Finally, they can have some pie. While eating, their clothes get dirty. The mother asks them to clean themselves, and once they’ve washed and hung their mittens to dry, they soon start making a second pie. Yummy!

This children’s song besides being lots of fun, is a great way for your little one to learn more about clothes vocabulary! Describe the kittens clothes in English together. What colors are their sweaters? Are they wearing a hat? Spark a conversation together.

After, you can try practicing words related to nature such as like grass, wind, leaves, trees. Use the video as a visual aid to help your child remember the words and what these represent. While doing this, you can also review vocabulary related to the weather in English and the seasons. Sing the song several times together. This will help improve pronunciation in English naturally!

Finally, you can use this song to talk about a very important lesson with your child: responsibility. In the story, the kittens learned how to be responsible by taking care of their clothes. This is a great example to set!

Let’s start singing and dancing now to the kittens’ song!

Three Little Kittens Lyrics

Three little kittens lost their mittens playing in the grass.
Oh, Mother, Mother we are sorry. The mittens we have lost.
Oh no! Naughty kittens, please find your mittens!
Or there’s no pie for you.
Meow, meow! There’s no pie for you.

Three little kittens found their mittens lying on the grass.
Oh, Mother, Mother please look here! The mittens we have found.
Oh yes! Darling kittens, you found your mittens!
Now you can have some pie.
Meow, meow! You can have some pie.

Three little kittens put on their mittens and ate up all the pie.
Oh, Mother, Mother, thank you, thank you for the cherry pie!
Oh no! Messy kittens, look at your mittens!
Then they began to cry.
Meow, meow! They began to cry.

Three little kittens washed their mittens and hung them out to dry.
Oh Mother, Mother please come here. The mittens we have washed.
Oh yes! Good little kittens, you washed your mittens!
Let’s make another pie!
Meow, meow! Help me make a pie!

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