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Toy Song for Kids

Learn about how to express wants and needs in English while singing about toys with this fun song!

About the Song

Communication is very important for any child. However, learning to express needs and wants in a verbal way is not always easy for the little ones. This toy song for kids will help your child learn to ask for items and also to express what he or she wants more clearly.

Young children have many different ways to communicate: using body language, gestures like pointing, reaching for something or giving it, by making facial expressions, and by using vocalizations -like crying or grunting- when they’re small.

Yet, once they grow up, they should start making their requests known in a more effective way, through speech. This is why it’s important for the little ones to learn how to express wants and needs.

With this fun song for children, your little one will learn how to ask for something using the verb “to do”, and also how to express their needs using the verb “want,” while discussing a very important topic for kids: toys!

In this song, your child will have a chance to visit a fun toy store called Ricky’s Toy Stop. In this store, there are several different toys that most children love, like a yellow teddy bear which is sitting in a blue chair, a big doll that’s on a tall shelf on the wall, also there’s a train, a plane, and a ball.

As your child visits the store with Elliot the Panda, Billy the Chick, Lisa the Cat, and Cowy the Cow, they will learn the questiondo you want a new toy,” a perfect way to know about what a person wants.

Then, your little one will learn to reply to this question by using the verb “want” in simple sentences like “I want a train” or “I want a doll,” that effectively communicate what is it that they want.

As you sing the song, practice the correct pronunciation of all the words. This will improve your child’s vocabulary and will boost their language skills as well. Additionally, you can both practice toy related vocabulary by naming all the toys in the video.

Finally, you can even take full advantage of this English song for kids by practicing prepositions of place with your little one as you mention where the toys are located in the store. Is the bear in the chair? Is the plane by the train?

Now, it’s time to sing and dance as we go shopping for toys!

Lyrics “Toy Song for Kids”

Do you want a new toy?
I know where to shop!
Come and see the new toys
at Ricky’s Toy Stop!

Do you want a bear, bear, bear?
It’s in a chair, chair, chair!

Do you want a doll, doll, doll?
It’s really tall, tall, tall!

Do you want a train, train, train?
It’s by the plane, plane, plane!

Do you want a ball, ball, ball?
It’s really small, small, small.

I want a bear, bear, bear
that’s in the chair, chair, chair.

I want a doll, doll, doll
that’s really tall, tall, tall.

I want a train, train, train
that’s by the plane, plane, plane.

I want a ball, ball, ball
that’s really small, small, small.

I would like a new toy.
I know where to shop.
Come and see the new toys
at Ricky’s Toy Stop!

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