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English for kids

How to Draw a Butterfly

Looking for a new coloring challenge? Learn how to draw a butterfly from scratch with this video!

Drawing is one of the many children’s favorite pastimes! They get to play with colors, lines, and shapes as they draw their favorite animals and characters. With this video, you’ll get to learn how to draw a butterfly, a great activity to spend quality time with your little one!

Children learn in many different ways, drawing and coloring are two of these. By learning how to make lines and shapes, the little ones improve their fine motor skills, the ones involved in writing, which help them learn the alphabet more easily, especially when learning English as a second language.

Coloring is an activity to help the little ones express themselves. At the same time, it opens the door to learn new words, like colors names and shapes in English, helping them expand their vocabularies.

In this video, you’ll find a great drawing idea to put into action with your child: draw and paint a butterfly!

It’s very simple and you will need a few materials: crayons, a pencil, and a sheet of paper. The idea is to draw the butterfly with your little one, so he or she can practice their drawing skills with your help:

  • Start by replicating the lines and shapes found in the butterfly in the video. As you do this, you can explain to your little one more about these, like the difference between straight lines and curved lines.
  • First, you can start doing the outlines of the drawing. Start with the antennae, the body, and then finish with the wings of the butterfly. This will make it easier to finish the more intricate left.
  • Once you’ve finished the outlines, it’s time to work on the rest! Continue drawing the antennae, notice that these resemble two eyes, and consist of two concentric circles, one smaller than the other.
  • The circle is one of the most basic shapes a child can learn and this drawing is perfect for practicing it! After the antennae, try to decorate the wings. Each wing has two parts: the upper part, which is bigger and has a pointy tip, and a lower part with is more round.
  • Inside each part of the wing, there are circles! The upper part has three and the lower has one. Once you’re done with the circles, join the ones in the upper part with a line. Done! Now, it’s time to add some color!

In the video, the butterfly has a combination of pink, red, yellow, and green colors. If you want to, copy the color palette of the butterfly. If not, you can choose your own colors and personalize the drawing.

This, in particular, is a great way to help your child express through painting and to put their creativity into practice.

You can complement this coloring drawing for kids with a bit of writing as well! Write the word “butterfly” on the lower part of the sheet and encourage your little one to trace it, so he or she can practice the alphabet in English as well.

Additionally, you can try using the same drawing principles shown in the video to draw other animals and their names in English!


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Now, grab a pencil, and let’s get to work!

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