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Activities to learn about camping

Nature, clear sky, a campfire... Learn more about camping with these fun coloring activities and get ready for your next adventure outdoors!

Nature, clear skies, a campfire… Camping is always full of adventures! Children of all ages love camping, it’s a moment where they can connect with nature, experiment a different, more simple lifestyle, and have fun in the outdoors. These activities to learn about camping will help your little one get ready for the next camping adventure in nature.

Children of all ages love camping. It’s a time to be around family, to tell stories, and to build self-esteem by handling several difficult but rewarding tasks. However, for the little ones of the house, the first camping experience can be overwhelming. So, to create a better experience for your little one, you can try introducing him or her to some camping vocabulary and activities. This printable for kids is perfect for that since it covers some of the basic words to help your little one start learning more about this fun adventure outdoors.

The first word your little one will learn is a tent, which is maybe one of the most relevant items for camping. A tent is a place where people usually sleep while on a camping trip. They can have different sizes, and accommodate different amounts of people. Then, there’s a flashlight. Flashlights are very useful when camping, they use batteries and have a light bulb that turns on, so people can be able to have light in the dark of the forest. It’s an item that every camper needs! The third word is bush. In the forest, there are bushes everywhere, these are plants with many branches and leaves that are usually close to the ground. Then, there’s a campfire. These are the most fun part about camping. Campfires keep campers warm in the coldest night, also, they’re great to roast marshmallows to eat while sitting in a circle telling stories. Besides, building a campfire is one of the most important life skills that a person can learn. Finally, there are two more items: a sleeping bag and a fishing rod. The first one, sleeping bags, are an individual padded bag specially made for people to sleep while camping. Finally, a fishing rod is one of the most useful items to use while camping, since it allows the person to fish. It’s particularly useful when camping near a lake.

As your little one starts coloring the drawings related to this items, you can explain a bit more about them. Encourage your child to be as creative as he or she wants while coloring and, as soon as he or she finishes, try the second part of the task. This part consists of tracing the words of the different items. Practice the different letters of the alphabet in English, and say the words aloud to work on the pronunciation.

Now, your little one is ready to embark in the next camping adventure to help him or her appreciate nature even more!

Activities to learn about camping

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