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English for kids

Birthday Party Printable Activities

Birthdays are so much fun! With these printable activities, your little one will learn about birthdays vocabulary as they colour and have fun!

What’s your little one’s favorite thing about birthdays? It could be having a party with their friends and loved ones, or maybe eating a piece of some delicious cake! Birthdays are huge milestones in the lives of the youngest in the family, they mark the passing of time and the beginning of several new chapters as they grow older, and wiser. These birthday party printable activities will help your children learn some of the words that have a special part in these fun celebrations.

Birthday celebrations are one of the most anticipated events in a child’s life: they can’t wait to get together with their friends and family, to have fun, to run around, and to get some well-deserved presents. For the youngest ones, these parties represent an opportunity to socialize and build new bonds with their classmates or neighborhood friends. More importantly, these occasions and the joy they bring to children, can turn them into a great way to practice new vocabulary in English.

Still, it could be a bit difficult to practice some new words during a party, of course, children will be more focused on having fun than on learning! That’s why it would be a great idea to use different resources, like birthday worksheets, to help our little ones broaden their knowledge about this topic, so they can put it into practice on the next joyful occasion!

In this printable for kids, the little ones will find some of the most useful birthday vocabulary to learn, as well as the images that represent those words. They will find the following coloring drawings: a birthday cake, some candles, a birthday hat, a balloon, and a piñata. You can start by asking your little ones to color the drawings, and -since the theme is birthday parties- tell them they can be as creative and colorful as they like! Do they prefer chocolate cake or vanilla? You can decorate the candles with their favorite party theme colors! Once they’ve finished their creative work with the coloring activities, you can start working on your writing skills. Ask your little ones to trace the words that appear under each drawing, this way they’ll improve their grammar and spelling in English.

Once you’re done coloring and tracing the words, maybe you can try turning these coloring pages for kids into a game. Cut the images and play with them to create a birthday party, you can print different sets, colored them differently, and then have several birthday party themes lined up to play with your little ones. If you have specific birthday traditions in your country, try making some drawings about them with your little ones so they can also personalize their party even more!

Through printable activities and worksheets, the little ones can learn new words and also practice some association to fix the ones they’re currently learning, or that they already know. Also, these type of activities represents a great opportunity for the little ones to put their creativity into practice, whether it’s through coloring, drawing or writing.

Now, let’s have some birthday fun!

Birthday worksheet

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