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English for kids

Printable activities to learn bathroom vocabulary

Learning about personal hygiene is essential for children. Help your little one acquire more bathroom vocabulary with these awesome worksheets!

Even though every child is different, there comes a time as children grow up when toilet training becomes necessary. Most times this occurs when kids are between 2 and 4 years old. During this time, it’s important to help them learn as much as possible about toilet routines and personal hygiene so they can know the basics. One of the most helpful tactics to teach the little ones about this topic is by giving them printable activities about bathroom vocabulary since it’s a direct approach to the subject and it helps them broaden their language knowledge at the same time.

However, young children always appreciate more to learn by practicing than by memorizing. This is why it’s so important to provide them with different types of exercises so they can grasp the information more easily. One of the things to take into consideration when starting teaching the little ones about bathroom routines is their growing curiosity. The little ones will want to learn the names of all the objects they use on a daily basis for their cleaning routine. In this printable, you’ll find several items that are used for personal hygiene routines from the moment children are born, and that will help you start teaching your child this topic in order for him or her to establish his or her own cleaning routine.



There are two main exercises your little one can do with these printable worksheets, the first one is coloring pictures. Through coloring, your little one will get to practice their motor skills at the same time as he or she puts creativity into practice. There are six different drawings available for your child to paint. It could be convenient to explain a bit more about each item just as your child is coloring it. First, there is a sponge. Sponges are very soft and are great to wash the body with soap so it can be really clean. Then there’s a hairdryer. This item is particularly helpful during those long winters days since they’re perfect to dry the hair fast when there’s not enough sun or heat outside. Next, there’s a toothbrush, which is a big part of personal hygiene habits, since it helps keep the teeth clean. After you’ll find a bathtub, this is made for taking baths. Following, there’s a comb and a hairbrush, and even though these two items have the same use -to comb or brush the hair-, the difference is that combs are better for curly hair types, while brushes are better for straight hair types.

Once your little one has finished with this part of the printable worksheets for kids, you can encourage him or her to move on to the second exercise: writing down the name of the items! Ask your little one to trace the names of the different toiletries that appear on the sheets. This way, they’ll start making the connection between the name of these in written and what they look like. This is also a great exercise to improve your child’s English vocabulary and to practice the alphabet in English.

Last, but not least, here you’ll find a fun song called “Bathroom Routines Song”. With this song your little one will get to learn more about personal hygiene for kids, and the different routines that should be done throughout the day to keep himself or herself clean, like brushing the hair, washing the face, washing the hands, or taking a bath. Encourage your little one to read the lyrics -if your child is old enough to read and to sing the song with you, so he or she can also practice a bit more their pronunciation in English.

Now, let’s start having fun with these English worksheets for children!

Printable exercises about bathroom vocabulary

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