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Recycling: printable activities

Recycling is essential for all of us! Let's teach our little ones how to recycle with this fun printable activities for children!

What’s your little one’s favorite place on earth? Whether it’s the beach, the forest, or his or her favorite park, all of those are places that we have to treasure and take care of! But, how do we take care of these places? Well, the answer is to recycle! In this printable activities about recycling, the little ones will learn about this very important topic: how to save our earth!

Recycling is essential for all of us, the planet is so big and has so many people that we need to make sure that everyone is giving the best of them to protect it. By picking up after ourselves and recycling the waste we may produce, we are ensuring the sustainability of our planet, and the best use possible of all the different resources we have available, which make our lives ten times better!.

In this printable for kids, you’ll find different activities to practice with your little ones in order to help them learn about recycling. First, you will find some images for them to color! In the images, you’ll see four different recycling bins that you can find in your city, and also in most cities. The paper bin, where all the paper and cardboard waste goes; the glass bin, which holds all the glass bottles and containers that we no longer need; the plastic bin, which is so useful to hold all the packages and bottles of sodas, water, or food items; and the compost bin, which holds all the organic waste in order to make compost which is helpful for the environment! Ask your little one to color these bins according to your city’s regulations. Even though in some places the paper bin is blue, in other cities it might be yellow. So, check out your local recycling bin colors and complete this activity with your children.

After you finish coloring, your little ones can now practice their writing skills! Tell your little ones to trace the word below each image, this way they’ll learn the names of these items as they improve their handwriting, and also their English vocabulary and the Alphabet in English, especially a useful activity for ESL learners.

Finally, you’ll find the lyrics for the nursery rhyme “A Tisket, A Tasket”, which is a version of the classic some of the same names that talk about recycling!

You can keep practicing this topic with your little one by going over the different objects you use every day and asking them in which recycling bin do they belong. Should the plastic juice bottle go into the paper bin or the plastic one? In plastic, of course! You can also make up a sorting game with them to make recycling fun!

Another idea you can put into practice is to make some fun crafts with your little one, for example, you can grab some used materials and repurpose them to give them a second life.

Now it’s time to learn about recycling through using this English worksheet for children!

Printable about recycling

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