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English for kids

Toys Coloring Pages

Make the best out of your playtime with these coloring pages about toys!

What’s your child favorite toy? Whether is a bicycle or a doll, toys and playtime are great for children’s overall development. With these toys coloring pages, your little one will have fun while learning about one of their most liked activities!

Playtime during infancy is beneficial. It’s a good way to learn new words and to learn how to communicate with others, plus, it helps children to be more creative! Toys make it possible to create stories and bring all sorts of characters into life.

Toys are not only great for entertainment purposes. On the contrary, toys like dolls, cars, building blocks or puzzles, help children have a richer language by encouraging them to interact more when playing.

Besides this, toys are great for developing motor skills, to encourage emotional growth, to develop social and spatial awareness, and even to learn English as a second or foreign language, and they can even influence a child’s future career choice since they can get to explore their interests more in-depth.

To learn more about toys there are more options than playing with them! Even coloring is a great opportunity for the youngest children to talk about this subject. While coloring drawings, children can learn about how toys are made and get to choose how their favorites look by painting them with their favorite color.

These coloring pages are perfect for the youngest of the house. In them, your little one will find a couple of drawings: one colored and one blank. The idea is to color the blank drawing using the other as a reference. However, you can also skip this part and make it a creative exercise where your child chooses their own color palette.

Of course, make sure to practice the colors names in English and their pronunciation while painting! It’s always a good idea to incorporate new words and practice the learned ones to expand the vocabulary.

Also, these pages offer your little one the opportunity to learn the toys names in English and then practice their spelling and writing in this language. First, go over each one of the letters that form the words, and then take a look at how each letter is written. Then, it’s time to practice by tracing the name of the toy.

As you both do this, practice the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Then, go over the pronunciation of the word in English by repeating it.

Once your little one finishes the drawing, you can incorporate the toys into sentences in English to practice fluency. Ask your little one: “What color is the teddy bear?”, “What’s your favorite doll?”, or you can even ask “Which toy do you like best?”, these are great conversation starters that will keep your little one talking!

Finally, you can complement your playtime with some songs for children in English. These are great resources to learn and to have fun! Play Ricky’s Toy Stop song about toys, sing the lyrics, and watch the video for a chance to practice more vocabulary.

Now, it’s time to color!





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