Let’s Play
with the Lingokids memory® Game!

Take the Playlearning™ fun offline/offscreen/everywhere and play with the whole family while your little ones learn English.

About The Lingokids memory® Game for Kids

You and your little ones can enjoy the very first Lingokids physical game for kids! It contains 64 colorful and fun designed cards with 32 consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words in English – such as BED, BUS, RED, or SUN! It is an ideal game to reinforce simple words, concepts, and spelling for early learners.

Personalized with the Lingokids characters, Cowy, Billy, Lisa, Elliot, and Baby Bot, the excitement is guaranteed. The dynamics of the Lingokids Memory® game are as simple as a regular matching game while also connecting the whole family, creating community, and supplying endless fun!

The Benefits of Playing memory
Cards for Kids

Memory and matching games are essential to learning and can be introduced to kids from 3+ years onwards. Here are some of the benefits these games bring to a child’s learning development:

Play Memory Games on the Lingokids App!

Bring the fun to your device and practice interactively on the Lingokids App! This way, your little one can enjoy playing and then put what they learned into practice with the whole family. 

Having a million other questions?
We’ve got you covered!
Here are the main ones


Where can I get the Lingokids Memory® game?

Currently, it is available on Amazon in Germany, Italy, and France. It will come soon to Spain, the UK, and the US.


Why are memory games good for kids?

Memory games help children strengthen brain functions like focus, concentration, and attention span. They also support critical thinking skills and visual recognition of vocabulary.


How much does the Lingokids Memory® game cost?

The price varies depending on the country, but it costs around $12. Please check directly on the Amazon Store:


How long does it take to be delivered?

According to Amazon, the Lingokids Memory® game usually arrives three days after purchase. However, we invite you to check directly with Amazon.


How do I play the Lingokids Memory® game?

As with any other memory game, the scope is to put a bunch of cards turned face down and, in turns, flip two cards up to make matching pairs. With this game, the person having most of the fun… wins!


Which is the ideal age to start playing the Lingokids Memory® game?

Specialists confirm that the best moment to introduce kids to memory games and matching games is around three years old.