Where kids learn big stuff the fun way

What is it?

LINGOCAMP is our free online summer camp, where kids can learn the big stuff, the fun way! Part of the magic of summer is leaving behind the school year routine and embarking on new adventures.

That’s why LingoCamp will bring your family brand new games, chants and activities this summer. Join the fun!

When does it start?

The 8-week playlearning™ adventure, with BRAND NEW activities starts in the beginning of July.

What do I need to do?

All you need is to have the Lingokids app downloaded and updated to the newest version.

Who can join in?

Everyone! The camp is available to anyone who has the Lingokids app (Basic and Unlimited users).

Camp Calendar

Welcome to the playlearning™ camp where kids learn big stuff the fun way.
Each week is an opportunity to put their superpowers into practice.


– Mini Episode – LingoCamp Opening
The Lingokids are on their way to LingoCamp to meet Baby Bot, but they’ve managed to get lost in the forest! How will they find their way? Watch the episode now to find out how they manage to join in on the fun!

– Runner Game – Bugs
Fans of Creepy Crawlies will love helping Cowy’s look for bugs in the forest! Can you help her find them all? You don’t want to miss any, so you’ve got to be speedy!

– Bus Puzzle
Time to build the LingoCamp bus! Drag and drop the different elements to create the special LingoCamp bus. Make sure to make it big enough to fit all the Lingokids characters, no one wants to miss out on LingoCamp!

Is your explorer ready for their mission?
They’ll discover new words and dive into their creativity!


– Discovery Camp
What are the main things you need for camping? A canteen? A flashlight? Or, maybe even a map? In this game, you’ll need to check through the tents to find anything. Make sure not to forget a single item!

– Phonics Garden
We’ve buried letters in the garden and we need you to dig to see what you can find. Practice your phonics, letters and reading skills as you dig in our colorful garden, and try to see if you can spell out any words!

– Leaf Coloring Book
Make your own beautiful picture with our coloring in game, the perfect way to calm down after a day at LingoCamp. Designed to improve fine motor skills and creativity, this is a colorful way to play!

Raise your voice little ones! This week is all about communication.


– Letter Search – Forest
Practice your letter awareness and early reading skills as you search for letters in the forest! Don’t get confused by the numbers!

– Mini Episode – “Look Baby Bot”
Enjoy watching Cowy teach Baby Bot the beautiful things in the sky! What do you think he’ll spot? The sun? Clouds? Hopefully not rain!

– Weather Memory Game
Learn weather vocabulary with our fun weather memory card game. Try to remember as many words as you can!

It’s a collaboration celebration! This week is about dancing and playing together.


– Sticker LingoCamp
Improve your vocabulary of camp supplies in this fun sticker game!

– Don’t Stop Baby Bot chant
Don’t stop Baby Bot Chant: Enjoy moving and grooving at LingoCamp with our dangerously catchy fitness chant! Get off the sofa and get active as a family and enjoy dancing along all together!

– Play Together Tractor
Drive the tractor together and help Elliot out as he gathers all the vegetables. Make sure to practice clear communication so you don´t leave any vegetables behind!

Mindfulness for kids?! Yes! This week, they’ll learn to stay cool, calm and collected.


– Hidden Objects
Tidying up creates a calming space to relax. Help Elliot out finding his things in this peaceful game.

– Traceable Flower
Create your own beautiful flower picture with the help of Lingokids. This game will help you concentrate and focus on the image, to make something pretty!

– Puzzle Kayak
Build your own kayak dragging and dropping the puzzle and explore with Lisa and Billy the LingoCamp river!

All for one, one for all! Friends help each other stand up tall.


– LingoCamp Friendship Chant
Friends, friends! Everyone can join in with the Lingokids on their camping adventure. It’s okay if you are scared, your friends are here to help you.

– LingoCamp Sequence Game
Practice basic maths skills working as a team and help Elliot complete this logic game and get his camp supplies!

– Traceable Tent
Practice your writing and careful tracing skills as you draw a campsite scene in our Tracing Tent Game.

It’s outdoor appreciation week: from your backyard, to the beach, to a wild forest.


– Bike Race
Ride with Lisa on her bike and solve the puzzle to form the word “cat”. Meow!

– The world is coming Alive
Celebrate the five senses with our catchy song and celebrate the world that surrounds us.

– Picnic Sticker Game
Set up your dream picnic with our Picnic Sticker Game. Drag and drop all the yummy different foods and learn more food vocabulary as you go along.

Ready to put everything you learned into action? Let’s start by cleaning up the camp and learning to recycle. See you next year!


– Recycling
Drag and drop the garbage into the appropriate bins. Learn about recycling and what can be recycled with our informative game.

– Bugs Memory Game
Try out our Memory Cards Game and try to remember as many names for the different kinds of bugs as you can. It might be harder than it looks!

– Traceable Friends
Practice your tracing skills with our Lingokids characters. Using your finger, trace the shape and have the Lingokids characters as your best friends!

So what are you waiting for?!

Download the app (or update it if you already have it) and join this summer’s playlearning™ adventure!