Where kids learn big stuff the fun way

What is it?

LINGOCAMP is our free online summer camp, where kids can learn the big stuff, the fun way! Part of the magic of summer is leaving behind the school year routine and embarking on new adventures.

That’s why LingoCamp will bring your family brand new games, chants and activities this summer. Join the fun!

When does it start?

The 8-week playlearning™ adventure, with BRAND NEW activities starts in summer 2021.

What do I need to do?

All you need is to have the Lingokids app downloaded and updated to the newest version.

Who can join in?

Everyone! The camp is available to anyone who has the Lingokids app (Basic and Unlimited users).

Camp Plan

Week 1 & 2: Brave Beginner

Welcome to the playlearning™ camp where kids learn big stuff the fun way.
Each week is an opportunity to put their superpowers into practice.


– Pack your Bag Puzzle
The Lingokids are on their way to LingoCamp and they need to pack all their things. Can you help them pack?

dancing - names of sports - english for kids - lingokids

– LingoCamp Friendship Chant
Join the Lingokids on their camping adventure. It’s okay if you are scared, your friends are here to help you.

– Tent Hidden Objects
We need your help to find the objects required for a fun-packed day at Lingocamp! Can you help us?

lingocamp game_hidden objects

– Tent Traceable
We need a tent to sleep in and keep all our Lingocamp stuff. Let’s trace one together!

Week 3 & 4: Curious Camper

Is your explorer ready for their mission?
They’ll discover new words and dive into their creativity!


– Bugs Runner Game
Ladybirds, bees, butterflies… the forest is full of beautiful bugs! 

Let’s help cowy get them all.

lingocamp game - tents

– Lingocamp discovery game

A canteen, a flashlight, or a map? 

Open all the tents to find the camping gear!

– Talking Baby Bot
Teach Baby Bot how to speak as he responds to your every word! Practice your pronunciation and vocabulary as you show Baby Bot what you have learnt.

cowy school pencil_lingokids

– Three Letter Writing
Time to write, Lingokids! 

Week 5 & 6: Super Reader

Raise your voice little ones! This week is all about communication.


– Letter Search – Forest
Practice your letter awareness and early reading skills as you search for letters in the forest! Don’t get confused by the numbers!

– LingoCamp ABC Chant
ABCD… Let’s have fun with Lingokids! And our latest hit! The ABC Lingocamp chant. Let’s all sing together at Lingocamp.

Elliot at Lingocamp!

– Cowy’s Cup Audiobook
Tap the words and read about Cowy’s cap and her day at camp in this silly audiobook.

– Kayak Puzzle
Help Lisa build her Kayak! Drag and drop the pieces of the kayak so she can enjoy in the LingoCamp river!

– Chef Lake Game 
Let’s feed Elliot! Drag and drop the food onto the lakeside barbecue, little chefs!

Week 7 & 8: Earth Lover

It’s a collaboration celebration! This week is about dancing and playing together.


– Recycling Clean Up Game
Improve your vocabulary of camp supplies in this fun sticker game!

– Mindfulness & Creativity Game
Learn about mindful breathing with Elliot, and then use this focus to unleash your creativity!

– Sort Blocks Explorer Game
Help Lisa and Cowy sort the blocks in this amazing adventure!


– Puzzle Path Explorer
Find the path, little explorers!

So what are you waiting for?!

Download the app (or update it if you already have it) and join this summer’s playlearning™ adventure!