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Lingokids’ creative direction being spearheaded by Pocoyo’s creator, Guillermo García Carsí

Miami, FL, March 13, 2020. International phenomenon and educational kid-series Pocoyó was a global success – coming across TVs and devices alike to teach children life-long lessons. The animated series was developed by forward-thinking Creative Director, Guillermo García Carsí, a Spanish-native that has spent his career finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. His latest creative journey has become Lingokids, an innovative playlearning™ app focused on digital learning for children 2-8 years old.

“Animation and illustration have always gone hand-in-hand with education,” said Guillermo García Carsí. “Since the birth of fairytales and classic stories, visuals have helped in conveying the message. For me, the gold standard has been Sesame Street – perfectly blending the worlds of education and creativity.”

Lingokids’ creative direction is aimed at letting kids learn through fun by putting forth humorous, relatable stories and lessons that are told through unique characters. Creative Director García Carsí sees characters as the hook for the tales, becoming the friends that children need to help them along their journey. 

García’s goal is to use a character’s personality to drive empathy. This way, a lasting, emotional bond is made with kids. One of Lingokids’ ultimate goals is to enhance a kid’s educational journey during their early childhood development, and an emotional connection can lead to higher retention for those lessons learned during that period.

Lingokids defines their storytelling from the top-down, breaking up important lessons in interactive chapters that will guide kids through a tailored curriculum. In this case, those teaching the lessons are the cast of characters that are introduced in the app.

Baby Bot, a Lingokids character composed of recycled machinery parts, is the latest representation of a character-driven narrative. Many of the Lingokids characters are built from classic comedic archetypes – including the rational and irrational. Characters such as Billy and Cowy display that traditional contrast, while Baby Bot is taking a very child-like character approximation. Baby Bot has no knowledge of the world, being taught new lessons by his friends Billy and Cowy, and draws a direct parallel to little ones that interact with the chapters of Lingokids.

García Carsí expressed that, “We’ve drawn inspiration from many sources. I’m constantly looking at the timeless creative acts that have taken the globe by storm and that surround us daily. From The Beatles to Charlie Chaplin, to classic animation and music, I gain insights from those different perspectives and look to capture those universal elements in the creativity we use for the Lingokids content and characters.”

As per the future of Lingokids, Guillermo García Carsí holds a vision to develop a TV series based on the characters on the app. The goal would be to turn Lingokids into an interactive and immersive universe where kids can watch episodes, and then go into each one and play through them. Always founded on their playlearningTM method, Lingokids continues to look for opportunities to enhance the way kids learn through fun and interactive channels that promote creativity, safety, laughter, and exploration.

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