Modern tech tools reshape early childhood learning

Miami, FL, January 30, 2020. Most children don’t start formal education until the age of five, even though their brain development has already been well underway. The early stages in a child’s life present parents, guardians, and educators with a golden opportunity to make a positive impact on upbringing, as early learning gives motivated, curious toddlers a chance to understand the world around them.

According to UNICEF, children who benefit from early learning are more likely to acquire the skills they need to succeed and contribute to society and the economy in positive ways. UNICEF emphasized the importance of the first 1,000 days in a child’s life with their campaign of #EarlyMomentsMatter, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of healthy brain development in the earliest years of life, increase investment by governments and businesses in Early Childhood Development programs, and caregivers to give their children the best start in life. Furthermore, a separate study showed that children who did partake in early childhood learning were more likely to reach higher levels of education, including graduating from college.

The integration of technology and education

There are impressive benefits that have been uncovered since the integration of technology and education – especially benefits that aid in early learning. Primarily, information becomes fun and engaging. It’s no secret that the more kids play, the more they learn. When content such as games, songs, and stories are delivered using interactive mediums, children are more likely to retain new learnings. 

A child’s communication and attention skills also improve when interacting with educational apps, as the content is suited for the child’s early learning abilities, but challenges them in new ways that a traditional toy cannot. However, what truly makes technology a valuable tool for education, is its availability – meaning no schedule is required; truly, a tool that brings life lessons to any part of the world, at any time. 

Early learning seems to benefit from the symbiotic relationship between tech and education. Traditional and technology methods lead into each other for overall better results among young children. Technology creates a personal connection with the little ones by letting them take the lead on their playlearning. This allows children to attain a meaningful connection with the new wonderful things they are discovering.

Educational apps prepare your children for school, by acting as additional resources that continue the fun and learning outside of the classroom. But the benefits and importance of technology surge even further when the right group of innovators embraces the tools available.

Lingokids – a language skills learning app formed by the bringing together of some of the most forward-thinking minds in the educational space – continues to equalize the early learning landscape by providing their playlearningTM method. Its method infuses 21st-century skills that add an additional layer of education to your child’s learning process. Equipped with fun adventures, and safety features, Lingokids provides a secure and imaginative channel for young kids to explore, while parents track progress in real-time.

“The role technology plays for kids has really changed for the better over the years. Although safety continuously remains at the top of our app’s priority list, we try to innovate in a space that’s fairly unexplored at this level,” said Cristóbal Viedma, CEO, and co-founder of Lingokids. “It is our goal to continue leveraging technology’s benefits to paint a brighter “tomorrow” for our children.”

Lingokids’ features adapt to today’s age by creating a personal environment for children, offering Play Together activities for the whole family to enjoy, and providing joyful games and interactions that encourage your child to look associate learning as a positive, fun process. The app offers additional resources like worksheets and audiobooks to build upon your child’s early education while keeping the benefits of improved communication skills, knowledge retention, collaboration, 21st-century skills, and availability.

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