Lingokids provides a secure solution for parents looking to enhance their child’s education


Miami, FL (February 11, 2020) – With today marking Safer Internet Day, Lingokids, a language learning app start-up, is offering parents a 21st Century solution to 21st Century problems. Lingokids serves as an additional resource for early childhood education by engaging children to grow their language skills without subjecting them to the risks of unsecured online mediums. The kidSAFE Coppa Certified app provides a content hub of knowledge for children ages 2 – 8 that takes a safety-first to playlearning™. The safe and fun-based app just recently launched in the United States in December of 2019, and is now using its platform to touch on the importance of preserving your children’s online safety.

Parents opinions about security on the Internet

In a study conducted by Lingokids in 2020 in the U.S., the start-up found that over 51% of parents stated that they do not have a good level of knowledge regarding the security of electronic devices. More than 37% of parents said they were unsure of their children having the appropriate safety knowledge for their age and 47% of parents generally lean on social networks or media to receive their knowledge of security. 10% of parents don’t expose themselves to security topics at all.

While not completely engulfed in the safety measures of technology, conversation and proper steps for downloading apps seem to be a high priority for parents. 61% of parents ensure their technology has the appropriate measures installed, 86% of parents have discussions with their children before downloading an app, and 68% consistently remind their children of what they can or cannot do while using tech devices.

In a recent study captured by US-based PCMag, 76% of parents are worried about their kids’ online safety. And with nearly one-third of internet users being a child, Lingokids deems it necessary to encourage parents to discuss online safety openly with their children, and to verify an app’s credentials before putting it in the hands of a little one. 

Lingokids is safe for children

“Our app was built with the highest quality standards and meeting the requirements of the Online Children’s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of the United States, which protects the Internet security of children under 13.” states Cristóbal Viedma, CEO and co-founder of the company. “Parents can rest assured that their children are free to roam about the app’s games, stories, and activities safely, while enjoying content that’s adapted and suited to their age.”

Lingokids adamantly stresses the importance of parents being attentive to the content their children consume on mobile devices, and ensuring that the applications they use have adequate security systems. Most operating systems, and mobile devices come with a parental control system pre-installed, but apps are another dynamic all together. NPR recently reported that over 53% of kids age 11 and under, now own their own personal mobile devices – a statistic that surely is just beginning to build momentum and gives insight into what the new “normal” is becoming. Lingokids design is intuitively crafted for the parent to have a full overview of their child’s experience, equipped with an in-app section known as The Parents Area, a fully-featured interface where one can see their child’s over progress and examine the entire catalog of the learning’s app curriculum. 

“Micaela and I are fairly selective when it comes to screen-time with our kids. Every family has their own rules, and honestly, you have to do what works for your family,” said Raffinee Esquivel, a Lingokids Parent. “Lingokids offers some of the highest quality educational tools out there, while supporting reward based learning.”

The apps’ playlearning™ features enable children to expand their vocabulary, improve their writing skills, and to get involved themselves with a safe, fun learning experience in English. Lingokids offers engaging content and games that teach vocabulary, colors, numbers, animals, fruits and everyday language, while introducing young kids to 21st-century skills and topics, such as creativity, caring for the environment, critical thinking, collaboration, and empathy.

Lingokids is built to bring the joy of learning to today’s children without compromising safety – an experience much like the older generations had when education was fueled by snacktime and crayons. Lingokids makes its responsibility to bring quality playlearning™ moments to kids all around the globe a top priority. To learn more about why Lingokids is on this mission, and why safety and learning should go hand-in-hand, please visit

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