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Top Learning App, Lingokids, Launches A New Educational Puppet Series For Kids

Top Learning App, Lingokids, Launches New Educational Puppet Series For Kids

New series showcases the foundations of educational subjects, social-emotional learning, and practical life skills for kids through the power of play


Los Angeles, CA; March 1st, 2023.- Lingokids, the award-winning app that is helping transform the way children gain educational and modern life skills, today launched a new puppet series for kids called Lucas & Me. In an ever-changing world that sometimes forgets the power of play, Lucas & Me features the story of a delightful mouse and puppy duo that embark on adventures together and learn important modern life skills along the way. Families can watch the Lucas & Me trailer now on YouTube, and watch the series on the Lingokids app, where episodes will be released regularly.  


Designed for ages 2-5,  the Lucas & Me puppet series illustrates key lessons in friendship, responsibility, and dealing with real-life situations. Through a blend of engaging 2D animation with live puppets, the show is exciting and fun for both children and their grown-ups. In each episode, the two main characters model positive behaviors and attitudes for children to emulate. From facing fears during thunderstorms to learning about forgiveness, Lucas & Me supports children’s development by integrating educational lessons with delightful experiences and loveable characters. 


“At Lingokids, we strongly believe that characters are the best learning companions for kids of all ages,” said Vladimir Klimov, Director of Content Strategy at Lingokids. ‘”Lucas and Me’ gives life to two entertaining friends who will help our youngest viewers obtain valuable knowledge about the world. It’s a show for the entire family with many plot elements that will engage parents as much as kids.”


Lingokids is dedicated to creating the highest quality content for kids to take them on immersive learning adventures where they learn and grow through play. Lucas & Me was created and directed by Guillermo García-Carsí, the creator of the famous children’s animation, Pocoyo. The scripts for the series were co-written by Guillermo García Carsí and Baboon Animation, the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated animation studio. And the voice behind the character of the Mouse, is Mike Pollock, who also voiced the iconic Mr Eggman in “Sonic the Hedgehog”.


“The idea of Lucas & Me comes from my pet beagle, Lucas, from my teen years. It’s a character I’ve been wanting to develop for years now. My first attempt to introduce him was in Pocoyó as a secondary character named Lula, but now in this series he is the star, and we can appreciate his personality in all his humor and glory,” said Guillermo García-Carsí. “This is the story of a cute-as-chaotic beagle and his friend, a savvy mouse who teaches him about right and wrong, without losing his cool (or at least trying not to).

The Lingokids series, Lucas & Me, can serve as a tool for us adults and for kids to guide us on how to deal with our chaotic instincts in our daily lives. Or you can just watch it for fun!”


Families can watch the puppet series on the Lingokids app where episodes will be released regularly.


About Lingokids
Lingokids is an educational tech and media company that is helping transform the way children can gain traditional educational and modern life skills. Its unique PlaylearningTM approach puts children in the center of the Lingokids universe, which provides thousands of engaging, interactive learning experiences in a variety of mediums and surrounds them with choice and exploratory child-led learning paths.  With a commitment to traditional, educational objectives for preschool through second grade, Lingokids knows today’s child needs engineering and empathy; reading and resilience; math fluency and mindfulness. A captivating cast of original characters seamlessly brings life to each immersive learning adventure and blends play with a modern skills curriculum to engage and motivate kids around the globe. Since launching in 2015, Lingokids has achieved category-leading viewership on YouTube and its portfolio includes the Lingokids app (Voted Best Original Learning App 2023, Kidscreen) trusted by more than 60 million families, Lingokids Studios, Lingokids Podcasts, and Lingokids Music Publishing. 
For more information, please visit and follow @Lingokids.

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