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3 UFO Crafts that are Out of This World 🛸

UFO craft for kids

July 2 is World UFO Day! It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about space by making UFO crafts.


The term “UFO” stands for “Unidentified Flying Object.” Whether you believe in aliens or not, this is an excellent opportunity to have some fun! It’s also a great time to get creative and let imagination run wild! Continue reading for inspiration on how to create your very own flying saucers at home with children of all ages. Your little ones will love to learn about outer space!



UFO Craft for 2-3-year-olds 🖖

The perfect craft for this age group involves making a simple UFO with some hand stenciling and paper plates.


  1. First, have your little ones trace their hand on a piece of paper. 
  2. Cut the shape out and set it aside. 
  3. Next, fold or cut a paper plate in half and glue the cut-out of the hand on top of it.
  4. Have your children decorate the hand to look like an alien with the plate acting as the UFO! 
  5. Color the shapes with whatever’s easiest—paint, crayons, or colored pencils! 
  6. Then add some final touches like glitter, googly eyes, and details with markers.


UFOs for 4-6-year-olds 👽

You can try making a more complex UFO if your kids are a little older (between four and six). This craft also helps kids practice their fine motor skills!


  1. First, start by gluing two paper plates together to create a three-dimensional flying saucer.
  2. Next, grab a plastic cup and attach it to the top. Explain that the cup represents where the UFO is controlled. 
  3. Your child can decorate this any way they desire. Encourage them to get creative by using different colors, and maybe even adding some gems or glitter!
  4. You can take it a step further and help them make a small paper alien sit inside the plastic cup. The possibilities for creativity are endless!


UFOs for 7-8-year-olds 🛸

Older children will have more ability to make more complex UFOs and use a wide variety of materials.


They can experiment with making their flying saucers out of fabric, clay, or even paper mache if they’re feeling really ambitious. Together, look up a UFO design and choose one that they like. Encourage your child to recreated the shape and colors of that UFO using their chosen materials. Again, the options are endless!


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