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5+ Space-Themed Activities to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

space-themed activities

Looking for some out-of-this-world activities to engage your child? Look no further than the final frontier. April is space month at Lingokids and we’re celebrating with all our cosmic content! From imaginative play to hands-on experiments, space-themed activities are a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of science and the cosmos. 

Here are 5+ fun and educational activities that will have your astronaut reaching for the stars.


Space-themed activities

1. Moon crater experiment

One small step for man, one large step for Playlearning™! This activity is perfect for children ages 4-8 and teaches about the formation of craters on the moon.

Before beginning the experiment, watch the “Baby Bot Knows the Moon” cartoon to spark inspiration and learn fun facts about the moon. 


  • Baking soda
  • Flour
  • Brown sugar
  • Small rocks or marbles
  • A tray or shallow dish
  • A spoon or dropper
  • Vinegar



  1. Mix together equal parts of baking soda, flour, and brown sugar in a bowl. This will be your “moon surface.”
  2. Pour the mixture into a tray or shallow dish, spreading it out evenly.
  3. Place small rocks or marbles onto the surface to represent “meteoroids.”
  4. Use a spoon or dropper to drop vinegar onto the surface, one drop at a time.
  5. Observe what happens as the vinegar reacts with the baking soda mixture. You should see small craters form where the “meteoroids” hit the surface.


This activity is a great way to teach kids about the impact of meteoroids on the moon’s surface and how craters are formed. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see the reactions happen in real-time!


moon crater activity for kids


2. Build a rocket ship

Many children (and even adults!) dream of exploring outer space. Blast off into the stars by building a rocket ship together. 

Using cardboard boxes, markers, and paint, you can create a rocket ship that’s perfect for imaginative play. Add some pillows and blankets, and your child will be ready for takeoff in no time.


cardboard rocket ship


3. Starry sky art

Encourage your child’s creativity with this starry sky art project. 

Using black paper, white chalk or paint, and some glitter, you can create a beautiful night sky scene. Together, you can talk about the stars and constellations while you work on the project. 

As a bonus lesson in astronomy, use a star chart to help your child identify the major constellations in the night sky. Encourage your child to map out their favorite constellations using q-tips and white paint! 


starry sky for kids


4. Moon sand sensory play

Moon sand is a fun and easy sensory activity that kids love.

Simply mix together flour and baby oil to create soft and moldable sand that’s perfect for play. Add some glitter for a little extra sparkle, and enjoy exploring the moon-like texture of the sand! 


moon sand activity for kids


5. DIY solar system mobile

Teach your child about the planets with a DIY solar system mobile. 

Watch the “Planets Song” video to learn the characteristics, colors, and placement of all the planets in our solar system. Using craft foam, paint, and string, you can create a mobile that features all the planets in our solar system. 


solar system craft for kids


Space activities and Lingokids

These space-themed activities can help spark your child’s imagination and curiosity about the universe around them. Whether you’re building a rocket ship as a family or exploring the moon with Baby Bot, these activities are a great way to engage your child and encourage a love of learning. 

So why wait? Grab your space helmet and get ready for a galactic adventure! Looking for more space-themed activities to do with your child? Click here for UFO-inspired crafts. 



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What is your child’s favorite space-themed activity? 

Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of building your own rocket ship! It leaves so much space (pun intended…) for little ones to explore their imagination and creativity.

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